Heavy Leather Records

1846 Richmond Ave.
Houston, TX. 77098
“beau” at “soundexchangehouston dot com”

I freaking love the info provided by Beau Beasley, main man behind Heavy Leather, so hell, I’m just going to paste it in here:

asshole record label, started by an asshole, to release shit records by assholes for other assholes. i dont listen to demos. i only release shit from bands i know.

I definitely couldn’t sum up the label’s ethos any better than that. Beasley’s been pretty relentless since starting the label, cranking out a good dozen releases in just a year or three, all by raw, ear-destroying, heavy-ass bands like (his own band) The Homopolice, Golden Axe, or, on the more noise-fixated “Heavy Leather Cassettes” side of the enterprise, Future Blondes and Concrete Violin.

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