Benefit for Mareshah Shepard, Tonight at Walter’s

Man. I hadn’t heard about this ’til very, very recently, and I’m still feeling sick about it; I didn’t know Mareshah Shepard, but as somebody who’s dodged cars many times on Washington Ave. (esp. late at night, when the drunks are all coming out of the bars & getting behind the wheel), this feels awful damn close to home.

Apparently Ms. Shepard was crossing Washington at the intersection of Washington & Thompson — which is the corner next to the Salt/Pearl Bars, where the old Mary Jane’s used to be — and was hit by a drunk driver. She’s alive, thankfully, but reportedly has serious brain damage and is in critical condition. She’s only 23 years old, and I think she’s also related to Blake Shepard, singer for local electro-soul guys Electric Attitude (I could be wrong about that, though, so don’t quote me, eh?). My heart goes out to the whole family — I can’t even imagine going through something like this with my kids, in particular.

There’s a show tonight (Thurs., August 26th) up at Walter’s, right across the street from where it happened, and a bunch of excellent, excellent, good-hearted bands are donating their time & talent to help raise money to help her family pay the medical bills (which I’m guessing are pretty insane). Electric Attitude’s on the bill, as are The Sideshow Tramps, Roky Moon & BOLT, Young Girls, & The Live Lights, all of whom are well worth checking out even if there wasn’t some kind of charitable impetus to do so.

Several local businesses are donating stuff for a raffle, too, and you can donate online at the Website Hit the show, give some money, do whatever you can, folks.

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