Sea Wolf, White Water, White Bloom

Sea Wolf, White Water, White Bloom

Alex Brown Church – maybe more commonly known as Sea Wolf – and friends are back and just as good as ever with the release of “White Water, White Bloom,” last year. This album follows a very successful debut EP, “Go to the River before it Runs Too Low” and full-length “Leaves in the River,” both released in 2007, and follows in similar style and sound as previous releases.

The new album features the same heartfelt, indie-folk vocals by Church and the same backing instruments that include keyboard, drums, bass, guitar, cello, violin, flute, viola and organ. The combination of all of these instruments creates something unique and extremely beautiful, and the new album captures that beauty perfectly.

Also, the same type of metaphoric songwriting full of vivid imagery familiar to Church and his music is also present on the new album. Good luck interpreting what some of these lyrics actually mean however. Remember the single “You’re a Wolf” from Sea Wolf’s last record? “Old gypsy woman spoke to me, said, you’re a wolf, boy, get out of this town. You’re a wolf, boy, get out of this town.” It’s fun to sing along to, but ask me what it means and I couldn’t begin to tell you. Take these lyrics from “O Maria” off the new album for example: “’Show me your stripes,’ said the zebra to the wicked spider in the morning dew. ‘I will provide for you shelter and wine if you can prove that you are of my kind.’”

“White Water, White Bloom” features a mix of slower, softer tracks with incredibly catchy, rock-driven tunes. The album starts out heavy with the extremely catchy “Wicked Blood” and “Dew in the Grass” before giving way to a few slower-paced songs. What’s great about the band is whether Church and company are rocking hard or showing us their quieter side, their music is always extremely beautiful.

The band adds the banjo in “Turn the Dirt Over” which is then followed by “O Maria,” probably the loudest, heaviest track on the album. The next few songs, while they are very beautiful, may lose listeners’ attention as they kind of just blend in with all the others and don’t really stand out. If you happen to fall asleep, however, don’t worry because “The Traitor” will wake you up and bring you back. Overall, “White Water, White Bloom” is a  beautiful album that continues in the same fashion as previous Sea Wolf releases and will leave fans extremely pleased and wanting even more.

On a side note, if you ever have the opportunity to see Sea Wolf perform live, don’t miss it. I’ve seen them play twice and each time I left completely blown away by the passion and intensity of the performance.

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