Tonight: Reggae Palooza + Main Street Music Fest

Main Street Music Festival Pt 2 So our intrepid captain in arms Mr. Jeremy Hart has grabbed the fam and jettisoned away on a well deserved vacation, but before he left, he granted me some admin privileges so that I could endeavor to keep yall posted on the town’s nightly musical going-ons. Suffice it to say, I’m sweating bricks. One wrong click and I can accidentally wipe out the entire site or translated it into German. That’s a lot of pressure, man.  Jeremy is not only the master of musical commentary but the man can also format like a mother. I’m not going to be able to fill his shoes but I can at least tie this shoestrings, so here we go:

Reggae Palooza 2010 @ Jones Plaza

So today and tomorrow at Jones Plaza they’re holding a 2 day Reggae festival with performances from Maxi Priest, D.R.U.M. , Babylon Saints and more. And the word is they’re also giving out a vacation giveaway to Montego Bay.

Main Street Music Festival Pt 2 @ Dean’s and Notsuoh

This is just absolutely insane, and goes to show that Houston will not be bullied into believing it’s not a music haven. Today you have over 20 bands!!!  That’s right 20, playing from 3 this afternoon well into the night at Notsuoh and Dean’s. $5 with absolutely loco drink specials. There’s way too many bands to name them all but expect performances from Spain Colored Orange, The Journey Agents, The Watermarks, Ceeplus Bad Knives, Future Blondes and more.

Lee Alexander + Andy McWilliams + Leatherbag @Rudyard’s

It’s all about Leatherbag, baby. With a name like Leatherbag, you’d think this would be a horrorcore, slasher, Gwar ripoff, but no, lite-indie-Americana from Austin.

There’s a ton of other stuff going on, just basically get off your tush, let loose and go see some music.

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  1. trinita on August 1st, 2010 at 11:45 am

    july 30 and 31 or july 31 and Aug 1????????????????????

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