Yr. Weekend, Pt. 3: Tunes For Turtles Blues Benefit + Ingrid Michaelson + Keane + More

It’s a bit of quiet Sunday (July 25th), honestly…unless, of course, you count the “big” show of the night, up at Toyota Center. If you don’t already have tickets for one of those two Lady Gaga shows this evening, though, you’re out of luck — they’ve both been sold out for months.

There’re still some good shows going on, today, particularly the Tunes For Turtles Benefit Concert going on over at The Big Easy from 2-7PM. A bunch of the biggest, coolest blues heroes in & around H-town are coming together to raise money for Sea Turtle, Inc., a South Padre-based group dedicating to protecting, rescuing, and rehabilitating all types of marine (i.e., ocean-dwelling) turtles. They do good work in general, and they’re especially busy right now dealing with the fallout from the Deepwater Horizon spill.

The lineup’s pretty impressive — Texas Johnny Brown, Guitar Shorty, & Sonny Boy Terry are all pretty great, in my opinion, and there’s also Tutu Jones, Jonn Richardson, Mojofromopolis, John McVey & The Stumble, Little Stanley & The Executives, Davis Coen, Joe Shull & Chill Bone, Don Kesee, Pop Stuart, Juan Adair, D.D. Bret, Ouachiita, Terry Rogers, & others, as well.

The admission’s $5, and all the proceeds go to help the turtles; there’s apparently also a silent auction that just started a little while ago, from 3-6PM. Head on over, enjoy some good, down-home blues, and help defenseless marine animals at the same time.

A few other things happening, too:

Keane/Ingrid Michaelson/Fran Healy (Travis) @ Warehouse Live
I know they’re somewhat on the Adult Alternative side of things, but I still find myself liking a few Keane songs; “Somewhere Only We Know” ain’t bad. Ingrid Michaelson, on the other hand, I out-and-out love, primarily on the strength of “The Way I Am,” I’ll admit.

Always Guilty/Critical Damage/Fuska/Suckerfish @ The White Swan
The Delta Block/Thou Shall Not Kill Except/Cop Warmth/Exterminating Angels/Xrin Arms @ Notsuoh

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