Rallying for a Clean Texas, Today

Hopefully going to do a more “full” rundown of all the musical-type stuff going on today (Sat., July 24th) later on — because there’s quite a bit — but there’s one that’s starting this afternoon at 4PM that I wanted to make sure to mention early…

It’s called The Great Texas Clean-Up, and it’s sponsored by the Houston chapter of The Sierra Club, a group I’ve belonged to in the past and tend to regard pretty highly, as environmental groups go, and T.E.J.A.S. (Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Service).

The idea is to highlight issues and problems facing Texas’s environment, the one most folks reading this here Website tend to live in, and show off some cool-ass art and music, besides. Robert Ellis & The Boys are playing, and will undoubtedly be their always-excellent selves, as will Los Pistoleros de Texas, and there’s also the Ray Johnston Band and Mrs. Glass, neither of whom I’m familiar with. Plus work by artists like Lizbeth Ortiz, Kyle Fu, Andrew Chapa, & Christian Navarrette.

The whole thing’s taking place between 4PM and 10PM today, over at Discovery Green in downtown, and it sounds like a blast. And yes, it’s totally free; take the kids & head on down.

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