Yr. Weekend, Pt. 1: George Clinton + Quintron + Leo Party + The Lotus Effect + The Dead Rabbits + Filter + More

Wow. The first of several busy-busy nights, looks like — tonight (Friday, July 23rd) is looking pretty epic, with a ton of possibilities for all you valiant show-going folk out there…

Oh, but before I do that, I’m sorry to inform anybody who was looking forward to seeing Corey Feldman‘s band, Truth Movement (which I’m not even going to link here, out of fear that I might get some of it on me or something), tonight at Rocbar, well…it’s not happening. Dunno when it got cancelled, or where the hell I got it from in the first place, but no, Edgar Frog will not be playing tonight. Apparently he’s off at Comic-Con in San Diego, instead; go figure.

Anyway, on to actual good things that are happening:

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic @ Verizon Wireless Theater
How can I pass this up? I’ve yet to see George Clinton & P-Funk live, unfortunately, but I can’t help but love ’em, nonetheless; P-Funk ended up providing the soundtrack to a ridiculous amount of my college years (wedged in alongside Superchunk & Jawbox), and the Parliament box set I somehow won by entering a contest in the Alternative Press mag is still one of my most prized musical possessions. People may come close, but nobody beats it in terms of sheer entertaining, bizarro, mind-bending funkiness.

Quintron and Miss Pussycat/Fiskadoro/Future Blondes/Somosuno @ Super Happy Fun Land
Ah, yeah — I predict that this’ll be where a large chunk of H-town’s hipster contingent will be tonight (including my sometime accountant, Larry Pirkle, who’s apparently DJing the par-tay, to boot). I’ll have to miss it, sadly, but it should be a damn good show; I’ve heard incredible things about Quintron and Miss Pussycat over the years, and I dig both Fiskadoro and Future Blondes, in particular.

Leo Party, featuring Muhammad Ali, Giant Battle Monster, Female Demand, The Caprolites, Fixture, Rezrekt, DJ Hyro, & Courtesy @ Avant Garden
I was bummed about The Manichean‘s cancellation, but I can’t stay that way, honestly, after seeing what’s replacing it: Giant Battle Monster‘s spastic, electrified-wire-touching prog-metal-core, Muhammad Ali‘s brazen, party-hard, ’90s-throwback indie-rock, and Female Demand‘s burly, nearly funky, Dub Trio-esque bass/drums instro-rock, for three. Hoo-ah. Worth it, believe me, even if you weren’t born under the sign of the lion.

The Lotus Effect/Opposite Day/duneTX/Letters To Voltron @ Rudyard’s
Argh. I owe The Lotus Effect a review of their new-ish EP, Rabbits & Royalty, and yet, because I suck big-time, I ran out of time today to write the dang thing up. sigh. Sorry, y’all… My fail shouldn’t stop you from hitting Rudz this evening, though — what I have heard so far from The Effect has been damn promising, and I really like Austin’s Opposite Day, who do a quirky, smart-guy kind of indie-pop thing, quite a bit, too…

The Dead Rabbits/Jason & The Punknecks @ The Hot Dog Shop (6405 Brittmoore; 9PM, $5)
If you haven’t checked out The Dead Rabbits yet, you really should — cool, fun Irish folk-punk, like a rootsier Dropkick Murphys (or, come to think of it, The Tossers).

Filter/Nothingmore/Atom Smash/Raging Apathy @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake)
Yep, that Filter, the one that I’m surprised is still around & recording. From interviews I’ve read over the years, it seems like Richard Patrick‘s kind of a dick, but I’ll forgive a lot of bullshit from the guy who wrote “Thanks, Bro,” featured on the way-back-when Songs In The Key Of X: Music from and Inspired by The X-Files compilation and still one of my all-time favorite songs.

Carbon Leaf/Come See My Dead Person @ The Warsaw
Pasadena Napalm Division @ Cardi’s
Jody Seabody & The Whirls/Payper Boyz/Only Revolutions @ Notsuoh
Rock Baby Rock It!!, featuring Los Skarnales, Phantom Rockers, Dykes on Bykes, & The Ghost Storys @ The Continental Club
Fallen Grey (EP release)/Cyrios (CD release)/Inner Lights/Black Queen Speaks/Calling Chase @ Fitzgerald’s
N.A.S.A. @ Shadowbar
Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights @ House of Blues (Bronze Peacock Room; free!)
The Hates/The Nerve Scheme/Drunken Meditation/Zero Option @ Fitzdown
Aunt Dracula/Kairos/Thou Shall Not Kill…Except/Exterminating Angels @ The Mink
Bands on the Sand, featuring D.R.U.M. @ Moody Gardens (Galveston)
Uprise of the Fallen/The Requested/Amorette/Fire from Gods/Five Foot Five @ MIC Dance Studio (Baytown)

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