Late, Late Notice Time: Kerry Holliday/DJ Shortee Benefit, Right Now

Argh. I meant to post about this this evening, but I stupidly got the times wrong, and tonight’s benefit up at The Continental Club for local scene/music store icon Kerry Holliday, aka DJ Shortee, who suffered a strike a month ago & is still a long ways from recovery, is going on right freaking now.

It started at 12PM, unfortunately, but it’s still going on — here’s the info I’ve got about it:

    Kerry Holliday/DJ Shortee Benefit

    Free admission (suggested donation $10 but ANYTHING helps).

    Sunday July 18th
    12 (noon)- 7pm

    at the Houston Continental Club (Main Street at Alabama).

    For those who don’t know, Kerry Holliday, long longtime fixture in Houston’s music scene promoting the Infinite Record Show, Austin Record Convention, and more recently spinning at Continental Club as DJ Shortee suffered a stroke a month ago. He’s conscious, alert, responsive, and improving but he’s still hospitalized (still can’t speak and has very limited mobility). Doctors say his recovery is progessing quickly considering the severity of what he suffered. Come help out.

    Event link info:!/event.php?eid=137789459579262&index=1

    Also here:

    OBSIDIAN STARK T-shirts starting at $8.
    Baked goods by Benjamin T. Hunt

    Third Ear Caravan
    More Cowbell Tx
    Old Surfer Dudes
    Cow Jazz
    Umbrella Man

    DJ Big E
    DJ Senior Jukebox
    DJ Black Slacks
    DJ Psychedelic Sex Panther

Still time to get on over there…sorry for the very-delayed notice, y’all.

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