Tonight (Real Quick): Sage Francis + Whole Wheat Bread + Good Old War + Chase Hamblin + More

Damn…gonna have to just hit it quick tonight (Wed., June 16), I’m afraid; there’s some darn good shit going on tonight, though, so I didn’t want to avoid mentioning it:

Sage Francis/Free Moral Agents/B. Dolan @ House of Blues
Ah, yes. What can I say? I’m a huuuuuge fan of Sage Francis — the guy can literally do no wrong by me. He’s the smartest, most bitter indie MC out there, and he comes up with tracks that break all kinds of rules (like the one that says you shouldn’t ever let an indie-folk guy sing the lead on one of your songs). Haven’t heard him in a while, but every time I hear “Dance Monkey,” I still break into a fiendish grin.

Whole Wheat Bread/Chase Long Beach/Always Guilty/CrushThaBand/Failure To Notice @ The Meridian
Dunno all of these folks, but I freaking love Whole Wheat Bread — they drag me back to the heady early days of Fishbone & 24-7 Spyz — and I really-truly like what I’ve heard from local ska-punks Always Guilty, to boot.

Good Old War/Yukon Blond/Audrey Mae @ The Warsaw (formerly The Engine Room)
Don’t know Good Old War real well, but I like their sweet-voiced folk-pop-y thing; they make me think of a less-distant Fleet Foxes, at least so far. Heard excellent things about ’em, as well.

Chase Hamblin @ Warehouse Live (Green Room; free!)
And last but definitely not least, there’s Chase Hamblin, who’ll be doing his cool retro-folk-pop thing over at Warehouse Live tonight for free-free-free; it’s a solo show, this time out, just him and collaborator Corey Power (of the excellent Ragged Hearts).

There you go, folks; plenty to do to get over mid-week madness…

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