Tonight: Resonant Interval at The Exoskeleton, Right Damn Now

Sorry for the lateness; as I type this in via iPhone (woo, technology!), there’s a midget on my lap who’s fighting sleep…

Right about now, though, the latest {Resonant Interval Sound Series} installment is kicking off over at The Exoskeleton (the successor to The Husk, in the Khon’s Bar shopping center), and I’d be remiss if I skipped it, esp. since I’ve already blown most of the weekend.

Tonight’s show is a red-letter deal to me, at least, because the headliners this evening are Pete and Spencer Gershon, a father-son duo of sonic experimentalist comprised of the publisher of the excellent (and H-town-based) {SIGNAL to NOISE Magazine} and his son. I can’t speak to what they sound like, but Gershon’s an impressive guy — he’s made his magazine pretty much the mag for experimental music, free jazz, noise, etc.

Beyond the Gershons, there’s New Yorker Michael Waller, who’s apparently been at a Resonant Interval show in the past as part of a duo; this time he’s solo, doing this meditative-sounding thing that involves field recordings.

And there’re two more late additions, to boot, Tärr and Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III, both of whom played Super Happy Fun Land last night, made friends with RISS honcho Lance Higdon, and decided to say “screw San Marcos!” (as well they should) and forego a planned show there so they could play Houston a second time.

It sounds like a cool deal — $5 to get in, and it’s most likely already started, so get on over there now…

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