The Pixies, Performing All of Doolittle, Right Here. Hell, Yes.

Um. Wow. Just heard the news and feel compell to do my little part to spread it far & wide: legendary proto-indie-rockers The Pixies are touring this fall, performing 1989’s classic (and fucking awesome, obviously) album Doolittle in its entirety, plus B-sides and rarities and whatnot. Holy hell yeah, y’all.

And, best of all (for me, anyway), they’ve picked Houston as one of the 11 cities they’ll be playing. Sweet! The show’s on September 20th at the Verizon Wireless Theater, and the tickets will go on a special presale deal June 7th at the newly-official Pixies Website (where you can also download a free live EP by giving ’em your email address).

If you buy your tickets at the presale thing, btw, you’ll also get what sounds to me like a very cool bonus: the day after the show, you magically receive a live recording of the very show you saw, in digital form. Why in the hell don’t more bands do this sort of thing? I have no idea, but I think it’s pretty awesome.

The non-presale ticket dates vary depending on the city, supposedly starting around June 14th; I’d check the Verizon Theater site for more concrete local info. No clue how much the tickets’ll run you, unfortunately, but I’d bet they’ll be worth it. Proof? Here you go:

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