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Yr. Weekend, Pt. 2: Black Congress + Omotai + The Suspects + KTRU Show + The Freeze + More [4/10/2010 07:19:00 PM]:
Yep, it's Saturday, April 10th, Day #2 of your weekend musical madness, and plenty more going on; here's the rundown, although I'll have to keep it somewhat brief, I'm afraid:

Black Congress (7" release)/Omotai/Golden Axe @ Rudyard's
My top pick of the evening, although it's definitely a close thing. I still need to see instro-metal heroes Golden Axe live, but I've seen pseudo-supergroup Black Congress, whose all-out hardcore-meets-Jesus Lizard assault is nicely raw and belligerent live, probably more so than any band 'round here since the Guilloteens meandered off into the sunset. And hey, it's their 7" release show (maybe; they've promised it at least once before, I believe), which is always cool.

The real draw for me, though, is old-ish newcomers Omotai, a group made up of (ex-)members of Kvalla, Sharks and Sailors, & Subjugator. Haven't seen 'em live yet, unfortunately, but I've heard their debut EP, Peace Through Fear, and it's pretty impressive -- heavy, bass-y, metallic, turbulent rock that points to both Unsane and Isis, with dual male/female vocals. Expect a review of it soon, but in the meantime, believe that it's damn good. (Read a bit more about the band here.)

The Suspects/The Presidents @ The Continental Club
Said it before, but I'll say it again: few bits of news over the past few years have made me happier than when old-school ska guys The Suspects decided to give things a second go. They're a classic, a band that's blown a lot of bigger-name bands off the stage, and well worth checking out.

As an added bonus, the show features another old-school band from the mists of H-town Bands Past, The Presidents -- I never saw 'em when they were around, but when I first came to Houston I read nothing but glowing reviews of the band. Hopefully the years in between haven't dulled 'em at all.

19th Annual KTRU Outdoor Show, featuring Rafter, Fat Tony, Ghost Mountain, Wasp and Pear, Space City Gamelan, Rachel Buchman's Homemade Band, & Office Party @ Rice University campus (1:30PM-9PM)
Already talked about this one some, so I won't hit it again, except to say that it's still going on, and yes, you really should check it out...

The Freeze/Sober Daze/ H.R.A./Room 101/Obama Nation @ Walter's ($10; 8PM)
I can't claim to be real familiar with The Freeze, honestly, but I know they're pretty damn influential, and the local folks playing are pretty damn good, particularly oddball Room 101. And yeah, the name "Obama Nation" cracks me up...

Anything Box/ Provision/DJ Rob/DJ Marc Nicholson @ Numbers
Really? Anything Box? Of "Living In Oblivion" fame? Wow. I'm kind of amazed they were able to get Numbers and not some sportsbar out in the sticks.

2010 Texas Crawfish & Music Festival, featuring Hayes Carll, Nightbird (Fleetwood Mac tribute), Brad Randell & the Zydeco Ballers, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Robert Ellis & The Boys, Jesse Dayton, Sideshow Tramps, Nooney & the Zydeco Floaters, Jason Eady, Tyagaraja, The Blue Hit, Amber Digby, Fred Rusk & the Zydeco Hi Steppers, & Magnus Heart @ Old Town Spring (Spring)
I know it's already been going on for a while today, but this is still worth mentioning, I think, particularly because Tyagaraja and Robert Ellis & The Boys are both playing at some point today (not sure when; check the schedule), and whatever either one of those guys touches is pretty much gold, to my ears.

While You Were Gone @ Carrie's Coffee Mill (Conroe)
Holly Golightly & The Broke-Offs/Duncan, Johnson, and the Gentleman/Wife @ Mango's
This Year's Tiger/The Anchor & Bob Showdown @ Trash Bar (Humble)
Busted Sound Fest, featuring The Dead Rabbits, The Failed Attempt, Always Guilty, HRA, Los Desconocidos, Gutter Rats, Moochers, Obama Nation, The Pins, Cop Warmth, Dekayoss Wreckage, Atomic Assassins, Oscuridad Social, Action Frank, Kretas Bufonas, Morrow Librates, Sucker Fish, KTMC, & Dona Florinda @ The Hot Dog Shop (6405 Brittmoore; 3PM, $6/$8)
Old 97's/Telegraph Canyon @ House of Blues
Project Armageddon/Owl Witch/Flesh Eater/Malacrom/Bound In Flesh/Erebus/Nemontemi/Venomous Supremacy @ The White Swan

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