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Tonight/Update: Hell City Kings + Noveller + Crossing Togo + Kyle Turley (3/12) + A dream Asleep + Wreckless Eric + More [3/12/2010 05:43:00 PM]:
Gah. Running out of time, as usual, so I can only really hit the highlights right now, I'm afraid... There's a bunch of new stuff up on the site, some of it kinda-sorta timely, like Thomas McLuhan's interview with Noveller, who's opening tonight for Xiu Xiu, on over here, and yours truly's review of not one but two Hell City Kings releases, both their full-length from late last year and the brand-new The Wolf EP, on over here.

The Kings, by the by, are releasing The Wolf tonight up at Mango's, alongside Austin metal dudes White Rhino and fellow H-towners Shit City High & The Wrong Ones. The $7 cover gets you a copy of the new 7", and trust me, it's well worth it.

We've also got a cool review of Japanese/Houstonian duo Crossing Togo, courtesy of writer Krista Kesseller, over here, in time for their show tonight at the Last Concert Cafe, and an interview with football star-turned-country singer Kyle Turley, who'll be playing tomorrow night with Hank III & Assjack; that's by our resident Movie Guy, Creg Lovett, and it's up here.

And I can't forget the show review Dre Giles did of A dream Asleep's show at Rocbar back in January, up over here, and the long-awaited Part 2 of Danny Mee's epic, tragically hurricane-derailed interview with Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby (the former half of the pair, in this case), right here.

Man... On top of that, yep, there's a crapload of other good shit going on tonight; here's what I'd go see, if the traffic on 610 ever lets me:

Hell City Kings (7" release)/White Rhino/Shit City High/The Wrong Ones @ Mango's ($7; incl. copy of 7") Crossing Togo @ Last Concert Cafe See above, eh?

Caddywhompus/Somosuno/sIngs @ The Green Hour (speakeasy on Nance St.; 9PM, $4) Oh, yes. Caddywhompus plays here far, far too infrequently for my liking. Here's hoping that once school ends this year, the boys will linger here in H-town and play a crapload this summer, throwing out more of that awesome, psych-ish, compacted-stadium rock they do.

Xiu Xiu/Noveller/Girl In A Coma @ Warehouse Live I'm not a huge Xiu Xiu fan, no, but Noveller's guitar-mangled soundscapes are pretty neat, and San Antonians Girl In A Coma (assuming they're still playing) do some good shit that is totally nothing like either of the headliners...

L.A. Guns @ Rocbar (free!) You know you want to do this. You do. Admit it. L.A. Guns, for free, tonight. Teenage Me just exploded.

SXSW Overflow Fest, featuring Blowfly, Bike P*rn 3: Cycle Bound, Beloved Binge, Midtown Dickens & Joe Firstman @ Super Happy Fun Land Blowfly! The ultimate, original Ol' Dirty Bastard, I swear to God -- the guy's an old man, these days, but he's up there with R.L. Burnside and Andre Williams in terms of filthy-minded old dudes. I'm told Joe Firstman is darn good, too, but sadly, I haven't been able to check him out just yet.

South By Due East 2010, featuring Rich Del Grosso, Nosaprise, Tyagaraja, Rozz Zamorano, Plump, Corey Stoot, D.R.U.M., Dubtex, Mr. Blacc Sheep, Bigga Star, Congas by Carlos, The Wrong Ones, Danny Kristensen, Ashton Taylor, No Borders, New Jack Hippies, Patrick Brink Big Band, The Hates, Shina Rae, Dr. Jeff and the Painkillers, Hueman, The Journey Agents, Suspenderman, Guy Schwartz, Karina Nistal, Kozzmik Steel, The Annoysters, The Deen Jones Experience, Allison Fisher, Buxton, Heroine Stereo, Alligator Assassins, & more @ Dan Electro's Guitar Bar (free!) Yep, the first night of South By Due East; check the site for the schedule, but there're a bunch of excellent bands playing through the whole thing. Definitely check out Buxton, The Wrong Ones, Nosaprise, & Tyagaraja, at the very least.

I-45/Automorrow/Vocal Polluter/The Crisis @ Rudyard's (free!) See over here for more on this one.

Rodeo Houston, featuring Toby Keith @ Reliant Stadium Okay, so if I were to go to this, I'd be going armed with a box of eggs, and I would probably end up pummeled by a bunch of cowboys. But still.

Megafauna @ Avant Garden FotoFest 2010 Opening Party, featuring The Gourds @ FotoFest Headquarters Gallery (1113 Vine; 8PM) The Umbrella Man/Mr. Lewis & the Funeral Five/Picture Book @ The Continental Club

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