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Yr. Weekend (+ Beyond), Pt. 3: Giant Battle Monster + Resonant Interval + Scale The Summit + More [1/10/2010 12:51:00 PM]:
Yep, that time again -- trying to be a wee bit earlier today, so I'm typing one-handed with our little Kuato attached to my torso and hoping he doesn't wake up five seconds from now... Some good stuff going on both tonight (Sun., January 10th) and tomorrow (Mon., January 11th; hence the "+ Beyond" bit above), so you definitely don't want to be homebound like yours truly. Here goes:

Sun., January 10:
Bubonic Bears/Giant Battle Monster/Fiskadoro/The Manichean/Sunrise and Ammunition @ Super Happy Fun Land
I dunno Bubonic Bears, but the Giant Battle Monster guys sent a copy of their new EP, Giant Battle Monster vs. The Man With a Gun for a Head, and while I still owe 'em a review (sorry, y'all...), I'm pretty damn impressed. They do this weird mishmash of prog-rock, metal, psych-rock, and full-on weirdness that comes out like something you're not likely to hear elsewhere, and that's no mean feat. Plus, there's also The Manichean, who I keep missing out on live but who I really like from the bits & pieces I've heard online, and I've heard good stuff about both Fiskadoro and Sunrise and Ammunition.

Resonant Interval Sound Series, featuring Will Adams & Bret Shirley @ The Husk (2808 Milam; 7:30PM)
Another cool-sounding showcase from the Resonant Interval gang, this time out with Will Adams (ex-Jessica Six, Ka-Nives, & a billion other bands) and Bret Shirley (current Black Congress & ex-a bunch of other outfits) both doing solo guitar sets. Not sure exactly what they'll sound like, but it should be intriguing, to say the least.

The Energy/The Sinks/The Altars @ Khon's Bar (2808 Milam; 10PM, $8)
Nope, still haven't seen The Energy yet, I'm afraid, but I hear they're darn good...

Houston Blues Society "Memphis or Bust" Fundraiser, featuring Sonny Boy Terry Band & Dupree @ Dan Electro's Guitar Bar
You might not've heard, but the Houston Blues Society held the regionals of the International Blues Challenge; local boys the Sonny Boy Terry Band and possible locals Dupree won the thing, so this show's a fundraiser to get the bands out to Memphis for the nationals of the competition. Get out & support, eh?

Warbler/Jeff Hull @ The Mink
The Texas Buzz, featuring Paris Green, Dimitri's Rail, & Black Queen Speaks @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake)

Mon., January 11:
Between The Buried And Me/Cynic/Devin Townsend Band/Scale The Summit @ The Meridian
The truly crazy thing about this one is that it's neither headliners Between The Buried And Me -- who I do like, with their kitchen-sink variety of crazy, Alaskan-bred (I think?) prog-metal -- nor sub-headliners the Devin Townsend Project that I'm psyched about for this show, but H-towners Scale The Summit. The latter play the coolest guitar-instro-metal I've heard in years, seriously, even blowing away heavyweights like Pelican and The Fucking Champs; they've already made the covers of national guitar-dude mags, and with good reason. Oh, and they don't happen to play here at home real often, so check 'em out while you can.

Zebras/Somosuno/Cop Warmth/FG & The Gunz/Sabertooth Snatch/Panththherrrr @ Super Happy Fun Land

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