Orioles, Let Me Be Your Partner

Orioles, Let Me Be Your Partner

Okay, to be fair, I can see what this guy is going for. Entirely a cappella, echo-ey vocals, and nature sounds, Let Me Be Your Partner is like a very young Panda Bear with a more downbeat, minimalist sound. But please don’t tell Panda Bear that I compared him to this album — I believe the comparison would depress him. Let Me Be Your Partner shows a blatant lack of variety and creativity. Listen to one song, and you know what the entire rest of the album sounds like. Every track begins with airy falsettos, layered upon another until the lyrics are unintelligible, with little attention paid to harmonizing. And none of the songs improve from there, either — it’s just more of the same. Although it is possible that Orioles could get his act together in the future, I suggest that until then, you spend your time listening to something more worthwhile.

(self-released; Orioles -- http://www.myspace.com/oriolesaz)

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