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Yr Weekend, Pt. 2: Neko Case + Jerry Lightfoot Benefit + You(genious) + Fallcore + More [11/21/2009 01:15:00 PM]:
Yep, more good stuff to do for your weekend. First off, just for information's sake, tonight's show at The Meridian's been cancelled -- Jonny Craig, apparently of Emarosa, tho' I don't know 'em except for their name is apparently no longer playing; sorry to any of the guy's fans.

I may have to make this update kinda brief, btw, because the little guy's waking up from his late-AM nap...

Sat., November 21:
You(genious) (CD release)/Spain Colored Orange/Fat Tony/DJ Good Grief/DJ Divine @ The Orange Show
This CD release show was set for a month or two ago, but the rain forced its postponement; hopefully the weather stays clear for this one, instead. I still need to hear You(genious), I'm afraid, but I've heard really good things about him from everybody & their brother. Besides, Spain Colored Orange's shiny, multi-colored jazz-pop is excellent, and Fat Tony is a damn fine rapper. Can't go wrong.

4th Annual Via Colori Festival, featuring Beetle, Kristine Mills, Jerk Store, Spain Colored Orange, Flying Fish Sailors, Two Star Symphony, Stan Crawford, & The Texas Toast @ Sam Houston Park (free!; 12-7PM)
Already talked about this one, so I won't go over it again -- check here for more.

While You Were Gone @ 3CS Skate Park (Channelview; 7PM, $5)
Good, good, good band, one of the coolest post-emo bands around, and their new EP's phenomenal. Review soon, I swear.

Fallcore '09, featuring Bitter End, Power Trip, The Weight of Respect (ex-Will To Live), On My Side (last show), The Jonbenet, As Eden Burns, The Golden Age, Full Contact, & Fight Pretty @ Walter's on Washington
A last show for HC dudes On My Side, and a first(?) show for a new band of ex-Will To Live guys; get in the pit and get your elbow-throw on.

Borbetomagus @ Frenetic Theater (5102 Navigation; 8PM)
I'm not a big fan of free jazz, noise, or No Wave, really -- I'll admit that freely. This show, though, is pretty impressive even to a non-afficionado like me, since Borbetomagus are one of the originators of the whole damn sound, honing it over the course of, oh, the last 30 years. These guys are legends, and this is apparently their first concert ever in Texas. If you're into this stuff, this is where you need to be.

Bands, Fans & Cans Benefit for Houston Food Bank, featuring The 71's, The Canvas Waiting, Amber Skyline, The Wonderful Future, & Air Review @ Fitzgerald's
Cool idea, esp. right before Thanksgiving; local indie-pop-rock guys The 71's set this up, apparently, and invited a bunch of their friends to play & help bring in the canned goods for folks who desperately need 'em. Oh, and The 71's also happen to be pretty damn good, too.

Art Crawl 2009, featuring Poopy Lungstuffing, The Electric Love Drone, B Side, Organ Failure, Anarchitex, Cop Warmth, & Room 101 @ Super Happy Fun Land
One of a couple of art-type festivals going on this weekend, but this one's the most old-school of the bunch and the only one with actually bands in the mix, over at Super Happy Fun Land; it's been a few years since I did the Art Crawl (the wee ones tend to not deal so well with all the walking and art-looking), but it's always a cool time. One of the neatest things to do in Houston, seriously.

Devil Killing Moth/Emily Lewis/Gretchen Schmaltz/Insert Credit/Gain Structure Incident @ Notsuoh ($5; 8PM)
Ian Moore/Hilary York @ The Continental Club
Rik Emmett @ McGonigel's Mucky Duck
Powell St. John @ Cactus Music (1PM)
Opie Hendrix and the Texas Tallboys/Carrie Ann Buchanan/Samantha Finley @ Last Concert Cafe
Air Castle Mystery Solved/Warbler PI @ Dean's Credit Clothing

Sun., November 22:
Neko Case/Deer Tick @ Warehouse Live
Oh, man. The show of the weekend, honestly, at least for yours truly, although I sadly won't be able to make it. I've been a little unsure what to make of Neko Case in recent years, but this year's Middle Cyclone is excellent, one of the best albums I've heard this year. The lady's amazing, truly, in that she can meld indie atmospherics with music that sounds uniquely "Western."

4th Annual Via Colori Festival, featuring Buxton, Eric Korb, Elaine Greer, The Wild Moccasins, Grupo Kache, John Quintin, The Smooth Operator, & Runaway Sun @ Sam Houston Park (free!; 12-7PM)
Again, already been over this -- here's the info I've got...

3rd Annual Jerry Lightfoot Concert in Memory of Rory Miggins, featuring Mary Cutrufello, Zydeco Dots, Powell St. John, Rock Romano, Steve Krase & The In Crowd, Shane Bartell, George Kinney & The New Golden Dawn, Bayou Monster, Alaina Valentine, Mojofromopolis, Johnny Smith, James Henry, The Essentials Reunion Band, & Al Bettis @ The Continental Club (2-8PM)
This one's an awesome tradition, in my book -- this year's Jerry Lightfoot benefit for the Musicians Benevolent Society of Houston looks like a good show, too, including old-school TX psych legend Powell St. John, the very cool Mary Cutrufello, and younger dudes Bayou Monster.

Mel Tillis @ Dosey Doe Coffee Company (The Woodlands)
C'mon, it's Mel Tillis -- I grew up watching this guy on Hee Haw, and he's an utter classic. Glad to see he's still around.

Always Guilty @ The White Swan
Pictures Reframed, featuring Leif Ove Andsnes & Robin Rhodes @ Wortham Center
Hamilton Loomis @ McGonigel's Mucky Duck
The Texas Buzz, featuring Flaw, Saturate, & Deafening @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake)

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