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Yr Weekend, Pt. 2: A dream Asleep (Reviewed!) + Pale + Resonant Interval + PacTour BotB + More [11/28/2009 02:20:00 AM]:
Weekend's not over yet, obviously, so there's still stuff to do these next couple of days. First off, though, we've got a bunch of new reviews up on the site, including reviews of stuff by Mew, local songwriter Arthur Yoria, Foreign Born, and local heavy-rocking dudes A dream Asleep, who're having their CD release show tonight at Fitz. Check out the reviews here, and see below for more details...

Sat., November 28:
A Dream Asleep/ American Fangs/the last place you look/Peekaboo Theory/ Cavernous @ Fitzgerald's
As mentioned above, this is the CD release for A dream Asleep (not sure how the capitalization goes, sorry), and writer Dre was kind enough to write up the band's latest over here for all to see. I've liked what I've heard from the band so far, myself, and Dre was damn impressed with the album, sounds like. Plus, there's raw-as-fuck rockers American Fangs and the more emo-edged, yell-along-able the last place you look, both of whom fucking rule. Yeah, you probably ought to be here...

Chase Hamblin/Ragged Hearts @ The Continental Club
Nice, nice, nice -- sweet-voiced, well-written retro-pop, plus cool, rough-edged, garage-y roots-rock that sounds like Social D crossed with Cinderella. Hard to beat.

Pale/Southern Backtones @ Rocbar
Whoa. I knew Pale hadn't been around for quite a while now, but hadn't realized 'til recently that they'd moved out to L.A. in pursuit of the Rockstar thing. Now, they're back in town, at least temporarily, which is very cool -- I've watched the band since their early days as more of an emo-type thing, and they've always impressed me.

The Misfits/Hell City Kings/Molotov Compromise/The Ghost Storys @ House of Blues
Yeah, yeah -- it's The Misfits, I know. I've heard good & bad about the band's recent shows, though, so I'm kinda "meh" on them, honestly; local punk-rawk dudes Hell City Kings, though, are well worth checking out on their own, esp. on a big(-ger) stage like the one at the House of Blues.

Spain Colored Orange @ Cactus Music (4PM)
The Mentors/Poor Dumb Bastards @ Walter's
Forever The Sickest Kids/The Rocket Summer/Sing It Loud/My Favorite Highway/Artist Vs. Poet @ The Meridian
Steven Rawlings/The Julys/The Slowdown/Jack Maloney @ Super Happy Fun Land
DOPE!, featuring Brotha Jibril, Melodic, Seth Jones, Jaekim, & Nyala @ Avant Garden
Sisters Morales @ McGonigel's Mucky Duck
Billy Joe Shaver @ Dosey Doe Coffee Company (The Woodlands)

Sun., November 29:
Resonant Interval Sound Series, featuring Robert Pearson & David Dove @ 2808 Milam (8PM; $5)
Yep, the latest installment of the Resonant Interval series, this time with local improvisers Robert Pearson & David Dove. Pearson apparently plays electric piano, and if you don't know who Dove is, you apparently didn't give a shit about music in Houston in the early-to-mid '90s (Sprawl, anybody? Bueller?). Should be a good one.

Pacsun PacTour Battle of the Bands, featuring Otenki, 38 Caliber Hero, Bythetimeyoureadthis, A Goodnight Crisis, Proven Under, & Via Linda @ The Meridian
Took me a little while to figure out how this was meant to work, but I think the idea is that the band's playing this show will be competing to play at the badass-looking PacTour show on Dec. 13th at The Meridian (that show includes P.O.S. & Saosin, btw). Not sure how many slots there are, but I've heard good stuff by Otenki and about Bythetimeyoureadthis and A Goodnight Crisis, so g'wan, check it out.

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