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Yr Weekend, Pt. 1: Dax Riggs + Elizabeth and the Catapult + Perseph One + Musique Non Stop + More [11/20/2009 05:09:00 PM]:
Late on this one, as always... Plenty going on this weekend, of course, so here's some to start you off:

Dax Riggs/Duncan, Johnson, and the Gentleman @ The Mink
Ooh, yeah. Dax Riggs wasn't here all that long ago, really, but hell, I'm not complaining. A kind friend handed me his 2007 album, We Sing of Only Blood or Love (which, really, is a pretty fair description), a while back, and it dropped me straight to the floor. I can't remember a lot of the second half of the album, but that's mostly because by then the raw, blues-gone-to-hell sound has left me bleeding and dazed. "Demon Tied to a Chair in My Brain" is both one of the best songs ever written about mental illness and a song I feel compelled to force on all the people I make mix CDs for.

Justin Nozuka/Sam Bradley/Elizabeth and the Catapult @ The Meridian (Red Room)
Honesty time: I have no idea who either Justin Nozuka or Sam Bradley are, absolutely none. (Sorry.) But I do know who Elizabeth and the Catapult are -- they're a sneaky little band that's managed to worm its way past my defenses with single "Taller Children," which marries Aimee Mann-esque vocals to a bumping, can't-help-but-nod-along rhythm that comes off like one of the best New Wave pop updates I've ever heard. If you don't believe me, you can check out that song and the cheery, bouncy, playful-yet-smart "Race You", 'cause both songs are pretty awesomely catchy:

Elizabeth and the Catapult - "Taller Children"
Elizabeth and the Catapult - "Race You"

The funniest thing about these folks, actually, is that about a week after I first heard "Taller Children," I heard it again...while roaming the local Kroger. The hell? Anyway, if EatC's live show's anything like the tracks I've heard, seriously, this is going to be a good show. Go early.

Perseph One/Trills/Solanae @ Ray Courtyard (Rice Univ. campus; 8-10PM, free!)
Went back to my alma mater recently and was kind of confused wandering around the place; it seems like there's a whole lot going on there now that wasn't way back in my day. Not that that's a bad thing, mind you, esp. when some of it's like tonight's show. I truly, truly dig Perseph One, who reminds me of the awesome Jean Grae not only in terms of gender but in terms of how strong and straightforward she is in her rhymes; she's one of the best rappers we've got right now. Plus, there's also Trills, who SCR contributor Michelle was able to check out (um, kinda) recently -- see what she said over here. And yes, it's difficult to beat "free" in terms of price.

Musique Non Stop, featuring The Factory Party, A Thousand Cranes, DJ Ceeplus and the Bad Knifes, & Mr. Castillo @ Mango's
I know I'm putting that last, but don't take that as a half-endorsement, 'cause this is a good show -- I still owe The Factory Party a review of their most recent EP, but what I've heard has been good, and those crazy A Thousand Cranes folks make some damned intriguing, mind-blowing psych-rock noise. (And are very, very nice people, besides, which is always cool.)

Fistful of Soul, featuring Urbane Guerilla Sound System @ The Mink
Spain Colored Orange/The Tiles/Passive Aggressive @ Walter's
The Flamin' Hellcats @ Rudyard's
Fired For Walking @ Dean's Credit Clothing
Deafening/Saturate/Dine Alone/Deadbolt Zen @ Fitzdown
The Bright Light Social Hour @ Super Happy Fun Land

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