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Yr Weekend, Pt. 1: Dino Jr. + Indian Jewelry + Hollywood Black + While You Were Gone + More [10/23/2009 05:03:00 PM]:
First up for this weekend, I wanted to mention a show I'm really bummed to see crash & burn -- for reasons I've been unable to dig out (online, at least), this Saturday's A Wilhelm Scream show at The Meridian has apparently been cancelled. Not sure whose end it's on, since the date's still listed on AWS's Website, but I'm depressed that the show's no longer happening, esp. since I've been blasting 2005's Ruiner in the car over the last couple of days and am re-realizing that it's a fucking monster of an album, without a single track that makes me "eh" and skip to the next. Loud, furious, intricate, melodic, and bitterly raw; it's great stuff, seriously, and the band blows the roof off live. Except in Houston, it seems. sigh.

Anyway, there's plenty more going on, worry not, starting with tonight. Here're my picks:

Dinosaur Jr./Built To Spill/Lou Barlow + The Missingmen/Disco Doom @ Warehouse Live
Woo! How can I not like this? Lou Barlow, back on the same stage as J. Mascis? Sweeeeeet. I dunno what Dinosaur Jr. sounds like these days, but it's hard to go wrong with Mascis's meaty, raw guitar sound, in my book. Plus, Built To Spill have always been one of those bands I know I should adore and find myself kinda-sorta liking, instead; I've always needed to hear more of 'em.

Psychic Ills/Indian Jewelry/Future Blondes (last show!)/Exterminating Angels @ Notsuoh ($8; 10PM)
phew...I swear, every time Indian Jewelry leave town on tour, I find myself breaking out into a sweat, afraid that this time, finally, they're really never coming back. Which would be a crime, since their crazed, messy, sprawling noise is easily one of the most mesmerizing, unique things going in Houston right now (and yes, I do realize they spend at least part of their time in L.A. -- we're part owners, though, dammit!). Pretty much anything frontman Tex touches is gold, honestly, from Japanic on to now. And this is a bonus deal, 'cause apparently this'll be Future Blondes' last show; I'm afraid I never caught them live, myself, but I've heard many, many good things.

Paco Estrada & One Love (CD release)/Hollywood Black/Language Room/Prairie Cadets/Adam Jermstad/Wesley Lunsford @ Dean's Credit Clothing (7:30PM; $8)
Do I have any idea who Paco Estrada is? Nope. But eh, I don't care, so long as cool-ass local indie-rocker dudes Hollywood Black and goofy, quirky folksters Prairie Cadets happen to be playing the show...

While You Were Gone/Amber Skyline @ The Satellite Room (Cypress)
I swear, a review of While You Were Gone's new album is on its way; it's just that it's quite a shift from the melancholy, downcast feel of their earlier stuff, so I'm having a hard time putting all the pieces together. (That's the excuse I've settled on, anyway.) But in terms of open-wide, melodic-as-hell post-emo rock, it's good, good, good shit.

Stars Go Dim/Doug Marsch (DJ set) @ The Mink (9PM; $10/$13)
22nd Annual Dia de los Muertos 29-95.com/Lawndale Gala After Party, featuring Spain Colored Orange @ House of Blues
Ten Ton Hammer/Truth of Eve/Pinche Gringos/13 Black Coffins/Stomping White Pony/Wild Rabbit Salad @ Dan Electro's Guitar Bar
The Higher/Otenki/Kady Malloy/Last 2 Weeks/Adamantium/Low Frequency @ The Meridian (Red Room)
Blaggards @ Murphy's Irish Pub (Galveston)

More soon...

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