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H-Town Rock Posters at the Caroline [10/20/2009 12:37:00 AM]:
This is a cool one... Over the past several years, I've seen some truly amazing show posters floating around, most of 'em created by awesomely talented local H-town artists. Seriously, in all the time I've spent in this scene, I've never seen poster art as good as this, and that's the truth.

So it seems fitting that somebody -- in this case, Matthew Wettergren and Philip Beck of the The Revelry Report on KTRU -- would put on a rock poster exhibition to showcase all the great talent here. They're asking for submissions from any artists who'd like to be in the show, which'll run from November 20th to January 1st at Matthew's Caroline Collective.

The detail for submissions isn't too far off, though; get your posterage in by November 1st. Here're the details, straight from Matthew & Philip themselves:

Exhibition: Houston Rock Poster Art, 2000-2010

Entry Deadline: November 1st, 2009

Curators: Philip Beck and Matthew Wettergreen

Location: Caroline Collective

Website: http://carolinecollective.cc/

Exhibition Dates: November 20th January 1st

Eligibility: Rock poster art made between 2000 to present

Caroline Collective is seeking rock poster art from the Houston music community over the past 10 years. This show will showcase the trends and diversity of rock poster art in Houston over the first decade of the new century. All mediums of rock poster art (wheat paste, digital offset prints, silkscreens, photocopies, handmade) are welcome and encouraged for submission. All of the work included in this show must be for Houston rock shows occurring between 2000 and 2010.

Houston's musical landscape has been dominated by acts that defy genre classification, innovating outside of national trends, stamping their own mark on the aural template of the city. The collection of these talents has resulted in a vibrant and artistically supportive musical community known for presenting new forms of expression combining disparate genres and styles. Evolving in step with this music and drawing from its creative innovation is Houston's ground breaking poster culture. Some of the world's most renowned rock poster designers call Houston their home, pushing the evolution of the art form itself, locally and internationally. In this exhibit we seek to provide a snapshot of the last decade of rock poster art in Houston covering everything from black and white photocopied collages to the loud mockups by Uncle Charlie.

Submissions in the form of image files may be made via email to Philip Beck and Matthew Wettergreen at "mwettergreen AT gmail DOT com" and "pfbeck AT gmail DOT com".

Houston Rock Poster Art show is presented by C2 Creative and is curated by Philip Beck and Matthew Wettergreen.

Over the course of this decade, Philip Beck and Matthew Wettergreen have worked together to celebrate the talent of Houston's artistic community and engage audiences with their eyes, ears and brains. Events such as Asthmatic Kitty's Unusual Animals series highlighted the contributions of multiple forms of expression, including musicians, filmmakers and artists. KTRU's Outdoor Show brought renowned national artists to Houston to play alongside some of the most talented local artists. Philip and Matthew's weekly radio show, The Revelry Report, with co-host Ian Wells, promotes Houston culture through in studio performances with local musicians, live interviews and coverage of a wide range of diverse events happening in Houston.

C2 Creative is a nonprofit organization born out of Caroline Collective that curates the art shows, educational programs and stages community programming. C2 Creative also provides creative groups, startups, and professionals with the education guidance and resources needed for a successful launch through a 6 month mentoring program.

Going by what I've seen, y'all, this could be downright mindblowing. Enter your stuff, get your poster artist friends to enter their stuff, and let's make this thing incredible.

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