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Yr Weekend, Pt. 1: Black Congress + Balaclavas + Winter Wallace + G-Town Block Party + You(genious) Cancellation + More [9/11/2009 05:01:00 PM]:
Weekend show recommendation time yet again, but first off, just a bit of an early note -- apparently tomorrow's You(genious) CD release show with Fat Tony & DJ Good Grief at The Orange Show has been cancelled, on account of the likelihood of torrential rain & The Orange Show being outdoors and all. Damn. The Powers That Be promise that the show will happen sometime soon, but they don't have a new date yet.

Just going to run down the goings-on for tonight, Friday, September 11th, right now, but I'll hopefully soon be able to get out the word on the many, many cool things going on the rest of the weekend, as well, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, here goes for this evening:

Black Congress/Balaclavas/The No No No Hopes @ Mango's
Dunno The No No No Hopes (except that they're from Austin), but holy crap are the other two worth seeing/hearing. Headliners Black Congress left me a little eh when I saw 'em live a while back, but their recorded stuff is batshit-crazy-ass amazing, truly, and even with my eh-ness at 'em live, they're still energetic as fuck (esp. vocalist Bryan Jackson). I'm thinking I need to see 'em again.

The opposite deal goes for Balaclavas -- I've only seen them once in all the years they've been around, as well, but they left me reeling and convinced that they were the embodiment of musical freaking salvation...except that when I went home and re-listened to the two CDs, I just didn't feel that frenzied awesomeness, y'know? I still need to check out the remastered LP version of Inferno; supposedly it sounds a whole lot more like their live show than the un-remastered version. Either way, Balaclavas live is mindblowing.

The Distracted/The Colored Bandanas/The Raven Charter/Spain Colored Orange @ Fitzgerald's
And here's Surprise #2 of the night: Spain Colored Orange apparently opening for a bunch of bands I've never heard of (sorry, fellas) up at Fitz, of all places. Curiouser & curiouser...but hey, who cares? The last time I went up there, for thelastplaceyoulook & American Fangs, the place was packed with people I'd never, ever, ever seen before, furthering my Grand Theory of H-Town Scene Balkanization (meaning that a lot of people only go see bands at Club A or Club B, but never Clubs C or D, even if they're not much further from their house).

Jacob Meador and The Beautiful Contributors/Mechanical Boy/Winter Wallace/Air Review/Keiko/Hello Love @ Last Concert Cafe
A bit of a surprise, but a very welcome one -- shows like this, with bands that are nearer to the indie-rock side of things, are a rare occurrence at the Last Concert, so it's cool to see 'em stretching a bit. I've been steadily warming to Mechanical Boy over the past few years, especially after seeing 'em live a few times -- they put on a hell of a show, and the songs are pretty catchy for glam-y alternarock -- and I really, truly like Winter Wallace, as well; her voice is absolutely great, and the songs are picture-perfect pop. Watchers of Houston music, think Cameron Dezen and you won't be far off.

Galveston Block Party, featuring Come See My Dead Person & Darwin's Finches @ 25th & Market (Galveston; free!)
Dang. I totally forgot about this one 'til just now... If you're down in the G-town 'hood tonight (show starts around 9PM, apparently), I'd say it'd be worthwhile to check this out -- what I've heard so far of Come See My Dead Person is damned impressive.

Clandestine @ McGonigel's Mucky Duck
New Band Local Show, featuring Dinner At Dahmers, Aerial Second, Dearly Beloved, The Ivory Cast, Let's Hang Jackson, & Arsenal Of The Resistance @ The Meridian
Sean Reefer & the Resin Valley Boys @ The Mink
The Blind Boys of Alabama @ House of Blues
Hotel Hotel @ Notsuoh
Weirdo/The Black Doves/Low Man's Joe @ Röcbar

More for Sat./Sun./etc. once I get shit together...

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