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Yr Weekend, Part 1: The Phlegmatics + Passengers + Jah Ruhl + Princeton + Glasnost + More [9/25/2009 07:47:00 PM]:
A huge pile of good stuff going on this weekend, starting, well, tonight (which would be Friday, September 25th). I'll have to hit the Sat./Sun./etc. stuff later on, but for now, here's your last-second list of good/cool things to do...

Sadly, for yours truly this looks like a bit of a Walk of Shame, mostly because three of the bands playing tonight (The Phlegmatics, Glasnost, & Chase Hamblin) have CDs they sent in sitting, listened to but un-written about, in my gigantic, massively overwhelming Pile of Stuff to Review. sigh. Sorry, y'all -- I suck. I've got 'em halfway written in my head, yes, but getting that translated to the screen

In my defense, things have been busy 'round SCR HQ, both with things personal and with the long-awaited redesign of this here Website, which will soon (hopefully) look fairly different from the way it looks now and will function like an e-zine should in the 21st Century, as opposed to looking/behaving like a relic from a decade or so ago.

At any rate, here're my picks for the evening:

Big Rock/Stompin White Pony/The Abyss/The Phlegmatics @ Fitzdown
Honestly, I could give a shit about the three headlining bands for this one; I don't know 'em, and I don't really care. The band I would dearly love to see (again), though, is The Phlegmatics, who're one of the best poppy punk-rock bands in town and who only play 'round these parts every once in a blue freaking moon. They make me think of Blue Album-era Weezer in the best possible way, and new album Billy the Star Fighter Pilot vs. The Phlegmatics is pretty great -- review on its way, I swear to Flying Spaghetti Monster...

The Dirty Novels/Passengers/Andrew Lee/Psychedelic Sex Panther @ Pachinko Room (3700 Main; free!)
Aaaaaand a close runner-up for the evening has got to be this here show at the Pachinko Room (which I think is yet another chunk of the whole Continental Club/Sig's Lagoon/Mink Main St. Axis), mostly because I really, truly like Passengers, a new-ish crew of garage-y, raw, psychedelic-ish rockers drawn from the ranks of folks like Teenage Kicks. I've yet to see 'em live, but I've heard good things. Heard good things, too, about headliners The Dirty Novels, making their way up here from New Mexico with a why-didn't-I-think-of-that band name.

Jah Ruhl (mem. of Golden Cities)/Forests/Cosmic Sound (mem. of Ghost Mountain)/Limb @ Khon's Bar (2808 Milam; $5, 8PM)
This one's at a bit of an oddball location -- I have yet to see a show at Khon's Bar, although I hear the rooftop's very cool -- but it promises to be badass. BTEOT spinoff Limb opens, I hear, despite not being on the flyer, followed by (in some order I'm not clear on) Ghost Mountain's Stephen Farris (he's the electronic-voice guy, not the rapper) doing his Cosmic Sound side project, indie-ambient post-rock thing Forests, and brand-new supa-group Jah Ruhl, which is Lance and Marcus from Golden Cities and friend Scott playing krautrock-slash-dub. (No, seriously.)

Birds of Avalon/Fired For Walking/Hell City Kings @ Rudyard's
A night of raw-ass (okay, that sounded better in my head) rawk going on at Rudz tonight, with local alternative-tinged rockers Fired For Walking and garage-punks Hell City Kings opening for NC's Birds of Avalon. Gonna be good, but bring yr earplugs.

I am Mesmer @ Mango's
Said it recently already, but I'll say it again: awesome. Mind-blowing. Go. Dance. Get your gypsy on.

Ra Ra Riot/Princeton/Maps & Atlases @ Warehouse Live (Studio)
I've been hot-and-cold on what I've heard of Ra Ra Riot, I have to say, but I've liked some of the stuff I've heard from Princeton -- check out "Calypso Gold" for a taste.

Glasnost/Modern Touch @ The Mink
sigh. Yeah, the Glasnost guys sent me a copy of their debut EP, Great Divide, and I've been meaning to write it up, but... Anyway, what I've listened to has been surprisingly cool (surprisingly for me, at least, since I'm not normally into this sort of stuff), kind of a hybrid mishmash of dancefloor beats and New Wave coolness.

Chase Hamblin @ Brasil
And here's the last in (tonight's, anyway) Walk of Shame, with excellent retro-popster Chase Hamblin -- who I'd had pegged unfairly as some kind of flower child folkie but who is far, far closer to Ray Davies than Bob Dylan. Get on over to Brasil quick for this one, 'cause they don't generally follow the same late-nightstarting times as some of these venues...

Voice of the Wetlands Benefit Show, featuring Tab Benoit, Cyril Neville, Anders Osborne, & Big Chief Mongraux @ Fitzgerald's Freddie Gonoria and The Gunz/Moth Fight!/Chant @ Super Happy Fun Land Chris Sacco @ The Big Top
Everytime I Die/Bring Me The Horizon/Oh, Sleeper/The Architects @ House of Blues

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