Tonight: A Thousand Cranes + Prince Rama + Lord Jeff + B L A C K I E (+ Video!)

Ah, those crazy A Thousand Cranes folks — they’ve got a new cartoon/video thing up, and as always, it’s fairly bizarre (yet strangely entertaining). It’s an advert of sorts for their show tonight (Mon., September 14th), opening up at Mango’s for strangely-monikered out-of-towners Prince Rama of Ayodhya, who are trippy and Indian-sounding (duh), not to mention weirdly alluring.

Also playing are Lord Jeff, who are a skronking, stomping, mid-fi psych-folk trio, as far as I can tell, and H-town’s own groove-destroying, bad-dream-inducing hip-hop hero, B L A C K I E (it’s probably good he’s not last, btw, so you can recover somewhat before heading home to bed). And, of course, there’s the Cranes themselves, who’re nicely mesmerizing and — yeah, I’m gonna say it — even kinda fun at points.

Anyway, here’s the video, which plays like some creepy, ultra-existential version of My Dinner with Andre, if the set were made out of a brown paper bag:

So, get on up to Westheimer & Taft tonight, & hopefully these folks can make you forget it’s a Monday again…

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