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Update: The Duke Spirit (Tonight!) + The Warlocks (8/22!) + La Snacks + Stoner-Rock + Fri. Shows + More [8/21/2009 04:54:00 PM]:
Yep, it's late-breaking update time -- we've got a bunch of good new stuff up this week, in typical kinda-timely fashion... First up is a nice little chat with Toby Butler of The Duke Spirit, courtesy of Houston Calling (which you should really be reading, btw, if you don't already) headman and SCR contributor David Cobb; it's a neat look into a band I've had folks telling me were awesome for quite some time now but could never really get around to checking out.

See the whole deal over here, and then go check the band out for yourself tonight up at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, where they'll be opening for (yeah, I know) Incubus. (And considering the traffic, um, you might want to get in the car right about now for that.)

Next up, a second piece by Mr. Cobb, this time a cool-ass review of the latest from The Warlocks, The Mirror Explodes -- and just in time on that front, too, 'cause they'll be in town tomorrow, Sat., August 22nd, playing up at Walter's on Washington with The Morning After Girls & The Vandelles. Check out David's writeup here.

There're more reviews, besides, of stuff like La Snacks (who, if memory serves, used to hail from the Beaumont area, so they're almost Hometown Crew), Vetiver, weirdo Midlands-dweller Atlum Schema, & stoner-rock homage/documentary DVD Such Hawks Such Hounds, among others.

Can't forget the live reviews, though -- we're got sweeeeet writeups of the recent Atmosphere/Eyedea and Abilities show at Warehouse Live, from writer Rock Houston (I also witnessed the show myself, and holy fuck was it a badass, badass show; lightyears better than the last Atmosphere show I saw, & Eyedea and Abilities do things with mic & turntables that I still can't quite comprehend), and the juggernauts-of-rock show late last month with the revamped Judas Priest and Whitesnake, courtesy of metal dude Scott Whitt. Writeups here & here, respectively.

Heck, here's the whole list:

Interviews: The Duke Spirit

Live Reviews/Previews: Atmosphere/Eyedea and Abilities; Judas Priest/Whitesnake.

Reviews: The Warlocks; La Snacks; Such Hawks Such Hounds; Vetiver; Atlum Schema; Blackwood Company; Mos Def; A Third Wish Granted; & From Autumn To Ashes.

Other Stuff For Tonight:
Of course, I know you might not want to drive all the way out to The Woodlands if you don't already live there, so heck, you don't have to. You could head for these cool-sounding shows, instead:

  • The Lion Of Wall Street/This Year's Tiger/Pay It Forward/Another Run/Behind Buildings @ Mango's
  • Rebirth Brass Band/Revivalists/Plump @ Warehouse Live
  • Sean Reefer & The Resin Valley Boys/Ryan Scroggins & the Trenchtown Texans @ Fitzdown
  • The Lotus Effect/Neon Collars/Electric Courage Machine/The Hidden Images @ The Mink
  • Los Gutter Rats/Riot Upfront/Final Warning/The Quarantines/Pseudo Section/PenDayHoes @ Super Happy Fun Land
  • Scriabin and Kandinsky: Hearing Color, Seeing Sound, featuring Jade Simmons @ Wade Wilson Art (4411 Montrose; 7PM)

There you go; never a lack of choices, in a city this big...

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