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Yr Weekend, Pt. 1: Leave Yr Genre + London Girl + Caddywhompus + Asher Roth + Tyagaraja + More [7/31/2009 05:03:00 PM]:
Rolling up on the weekend, y'all, and for some reason I can't find very many damn flyers for all the shows going on. The hell? Nevertheless, there's some good stuff; can't write it all up now, but here's Pt. 1:

Leave Your Genre at the Door One Year Anniversary, featuring Sound Patrol, The Pocket, Buxton, listenlisten, Tax The Wolf, Electric Attitude, Ellypseas, Shina Rae, Satin Hooks, Fat Tony vs. B L A C K I E, Female Demand, The Mathletes, Check Other, Love Field, sIngs, Brains for Dinner, Balls d33p, Babel fissh, Perseph 1, & Studemont Project @ Fitzgerald's (8PM; $10)
Already yammered some about this one; not sure on the actual schedule, no, but you should be good going at pretty much any time, honestly...

London Girl/We Moderns/Diet Cokeheads/O Pioneers!!! @ The Mink
Sadly, Guitars had to drop off this particular bill because April 5k is deathly ill, but the show goes on, and that's good considering that this is a reunion of sorts for the folks in London Girl. Cool to see them back; anybody know if this is long-term, or just a one-off deal? And hey, O Pioneers!!! are well, well worth showing up early for, trust me.

Calm Blue Sea/Caddywhompus/Hat Talk @ Rudyard's
Dunno Calm Blue Sea or Hat Talk, no, but Houston/New Orleans duo Caddywhompus blows my doors off every time I listen to 'em. Alternately trippy and loud, but always -- always -- roaring and on fire.

Asher Roth/Kid Cudi @ House of Blues
I've given sadly short shrift to Asher Roth, I'm afraid, and lately I've been regretting it; I'm liking the loopy, heavy-lidded delivery , and he comes off like a college-educated Atmosphere, which is no bad thing, for sure.

Burn Halo/American Fangs/Dine Alone @ Scout Bar (Clear Lake)
South Houstonians, this is for you. Dine Alone aren't bad, in an alternarock-ish kind of way (last I heard 'em, anyway), but damn, American Fangs are worth the price of admission alone. I kid you not, they're one of those bands that doesn't make you want to start your own band but instead leaves you convinced that there's no point in starting another rock band with somebody like them already out there, doing what they do. And hey, they're apparently touring with headliners Burn Halo, so congrats to 'em for that.

Tyagaraja (ex-Million Year Dance) @ Block 7 Wine Co. (720 Shepherd)
Nice to see this one; Million Year Dance got tons of acclaim (and a bit of backlash) for a while there a few years ago, and then...poof. Gone, in typical H-town style, with barely a word. Frontman Tyagaraja (known to his Grandma as Jonathan Welch) is now back, however, and he's out on his own this time, crafting some intriguing new songs. Check one out over here, courtesy of the Houston Press.

Carney/Chase Hamblin/Buxton @ Walter's on Washington
Dunno Carney, but he sounds interesting, and a pretty darn good for for local folk-ish singer/songwriter Chase Hamblin, who's very cool in a strangely high-pitched, almost fey way. Not entirely sure whether or not Buxton are playing this show -- they're listed some places, not listed others -- esp. since they're also playing the Leave Your Genre show. I leave it up to you, friends.

Trancend (CD release)/Eyes Of Nocturn/Blacklight Epidemic/Cellcyst/After Summer @ The Meridian
Okay, so why in the hell am I listing this? Well, because Eyes Of Nocturn is fronted by none other than Nicholas Cage's son. Yes, lovable desert-dwelling slacker H.I. McDunnough has a grown-man child, and he dresses like a WWE wrestler and fronts a goth-metal band. I find that hysterically freaking funny.

Spain Colored Orange @ Contemporary Arts Museum
Orents Stirner/The Julian Jaynes/playing with stars (acoustic) @ Mango's
70's Soul Jam, featuring The Dramatics, The Stylistics, & Rose Royce @ Arena Theatre

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