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Your Weekend, Pt. 2/3: Something Fierce + Springfield Riots + Miniature Tigers + Heartworn Highways + More [6/13/2009 11:41:00 AM]:
And on it goes... Saturday & Sunday night're looking just as busy as last night did; plenty of good stuff to choose from:

Sat., June 13:
Something Fierce/Be My Doppelganger/Fat Tony/American Sharks @ The Mink
It's seriously been too damn long since I saw Something Fierce play last, and that's a damn shame, because I really, truly love that freaking band. They're one of the best things going in this city, in any musical genre, and one of the absolute best punk bands around, period, in my book. Plus, I've heard really good things about rapper Fat Tony, and I dig what I've heard of garage-y punks American Sharks.

Springfield Riots (EP release) @ Cactus (4PM)
A good early show, and one well worth seeing; more info about this already up here...

U.S. Air Guitar Championships - Houston Regionals @ Warehouse Live (7:30PM)
Yeah, you've already heard about this one from me, too -- get out & give Jacob Calle some fans to wow, eh?

Miniature Tigers/ listenlisten/ Forests @ Walter's on Washington
Not super familiar with Miniature Tigers, but I've been digging the jaunty, smirking pop of "Cannibal Queen", which marries the snarkiness of OK Go with the lightheartedness of, say, Fountains of Wayne. It's a bit of an odd fit with listenlisten's murky, gloomy, other-century sound, but hey, they're both cool bands, so I can't complain, right?

The Tontons/Mystery Flavor/Focusyn @ Mango's (free!)
I swear The Tontons get better even damn time I see 'em; I only briefly caught 'em at the FPH Block Party, but even that little taste was good. The combo of fuzzed-out psych-rock and singer Asli's sultry-smooth soul vocals is, in a word, amazing. Each and every time.

Super Happy Sat Afternoon Matinee Show, featuring AWAKE, Eminent Hero, & more @ Super Happy Fun Land
Dunno who all's playing this little "matinee" show -- I think they're a regular thing at Super Happy Fun Land, btw, and you can sign up beforehand if you want to play -- but I'm very happy to see AWAKE playing out again. I'd feared the worst, honestly... I've only caught 'em live twice now, but they're intriguing, to say the least, thundering and slow and heavy as fuck in the vein of older Isis or Ocean. Worth checking out, definitely.

Heartworn Highways Benefit for Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe, featuring Robert Ellis, John Hogan, Matt Harlan, & Carey Wolf @ The Orange Show (7PM; $10)
This was originally supposed to happen back in March, but since The Orange Show doesn't generally handles storms all that well (being outdoors), they had to reschedule to sunnier/warmer days, like right now. It's a benefit for Galveston's Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe, which was heavily damaged by Ike back in the fall, and is meant to be a tribute to the music of Townes Van Zandt, which sounds cool all by itself. Personally, I'd say it's worth seeing just for the excellent, excellent Robert Ellis...

Miss Leslie & Her Juke-Jointers @ The Continental Club (2PM)
Not sure if this is an every-Saturday deal or what, but even if it's not, it's still cool -- old-school, Patsy Cline-esque country fave Miss Leslie will be playing (for free, I think?) over at The Continental Club in the early afternoon, and that's never a bad thing.

Blaggards @ The Continental Club
Raging Gulf Coast Bikini Fest, featuring P.L.F., Nibiru, Bowel, The Delta Block, SUS, Sodomorrhea, Bleach Boys, H.R.A., Dissent, Strugglebear!, Room 101, Warcola, Slowly Truth Dies, Cop Warmth, Criminal Mischief, Rapeworm, Rusted Shut, & Power Pellut @ The Rats Nest (2305 Lyons; 3PM, $10)
Benefit Show, featuring Searching for Signal, Your Amsterdam, & Bows and Arrows @ Houston Lighthouse (3602 W. Dallas)
Under the Sun/Roots of Exile/Ballistics/Molotov Compromise/Always Guilty @ Notsuoh
Lovel46 Benefit Show, featuring Three 60, The Ride Home, 5 Years and Counting, 2Ate1, New Era, & Just Us @ Javajazz Coffee House
Come See My Dead Person/We are Halffnelson @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake)

Sun., June 14:
Swap & Bop, featuring Chango Man, Opie Hendrix & the Texas Tallboys, Carrie Ann and the Apocalyptics, & Carl Piano Smith @ The Continental Club (free; 12-6PM)
I'd figured to post more on this separately, too, because it sounds like a very cool deal -- swap meet meets outdoor music fesival...

Revolution Mother/Trian Woodburns/The Scandal/Rats In The Attic @ Walter's on Washington
MeWithoutYou/The Dear Hunter/Bear Colony @ Javajazz Coffee House (16300 Kuykendahl)

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