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Your Weekend, Pt. 2: Springfield Riots + Ghost Mountain + Arthur Yoria + More [6/06/2009 03:26:00 PM]:
Yep, it's Saturday, and there's still a crapload of stuff going on; here's a too-brief rundown on my personal picks for this evening... And yes, I'm well aware that the folks I'm most psyched about all happen to live/play here. They're that good, y'all.

Bachelorette/Springfield Riots/Benjamin Wesley @ Walter's on Washington Top pick of the night, definitely. Springfield Riots are still new-ish, but they meld the pop hooks of ex-band Program with a beautifully warm, '70s-esque haze; they've got an EP coming out in just a few weeks, and it's going to rule, trust me. Plus, there's Benjamin Wesley, a one-man-band phenomenon who plays this crazy, nerdy-cool pop with an oddly Afrobeat feel to it, and he does all the damn instruments at once. Well worth witnessing.

Vacant Stairs/Aunt Belle/Ghost Mountain/The Ride Home @ Bohemeo's
I'm seriously enjoying Baytown boys Ghost Mountain's self-titled(?) release -- "Good Heart" is a mind-blowing bit of electro-damaged noise-pop -- and I've been intrigued by The Ride Home for a while now, to boot, ever since running across 'em on the Mia Kat Empire comp from a year or two back. Their songs burrow into my brain and refuse to leave.

Brian's Johnson/Butch & Chris/Generation Landslide/Davey Graves @ Mango's
I'm not competely sure who all's playing or when, but this one promises interesting-ness, mostly because Butch & Chris of punk legends 30fotFALL are supposed to do a set of some kind (together? separately? I have no clue).

Arthur Yoria/Spain Colored Orange @ Rudyard's
Damn, I just heard about this one, but it sounds good -- I've enjoyed the heck out of every Arthur Yoria show I've seen (although it's been a while, now), and he's honestly one of the best songwriters I've ever seen. Spain Colored Orange these days confuses me a bit, but hell, I'm still dying to hear the new album & see what I've been missing...

CO2 Caroline Collective Anniversary, featuring You(genious) @ Caroline Collective
Yeah, I already talked about this one, but what the heck; it's gonna be a good time, honest.

Meggs/A Bubble In The Sun/Await The Day/Verbatim/Low Plane Drifter/Searching for Signal/Fight With Flash @ Numbers
No, I dunno most of these folks, but I got a hold of a copy of Searching for Signal's self-titled album from last year recently, and I'm liking it so far. A little wobbly around the edges, I'll admit, but these guys are waaaay young and have the potential to be really, truly great. Catch 'em early, eh?

The Morakestra/We Were Wolves/Guns of Detroit/Holy Fiction @ The Mink (9PM; $6)
The Jane Frequency/Tax the Wolf/Another Run/Nosaprise/Last of our Breed @ Super Happy Fun Land
Jesse Dayton @ The Continental Club
The Omega Project/Downfall 2012/Harem Festival/Letters to Voltron/The Bobby Boys @ The Jet Lounge
MySpace Showcase, featuring From Guts to Glory, Tate, Bayou Monster, The Live Lights, The Ginslingers, & Suckerfish @ The Meridian
The Battle of Sam Battle of the Bands, featuring Peekaboo Theory & more @ Sam Houston Race Park

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