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The Wild Moccasins, Interviewed & Touring (Kickoff Tonight!) + All-American Rejects, Interviewed [6/11/2009 12:49:00 PM]:
Apologies to anybody else who's playing a show this evening, but if you're in town tonight, there's only one place you really, truly need to be: The Wild Moccasins' tour kickoff party at Mango's, on Westheimer next to the Avant Garden/Helios.

In honor of the event, I hit the band up with some (fairly lame) questions, to which Moccasins frontman/guitarist Cody Swann, guitarist Andrew Lee, and bassist Nick Cody (and yes, there are many "Codys" and "Andrews" for a band with only five people) were kind enough to respond in very entertaining fashion. You can check out the interview up here, should you feel inclined...

Anyway, they'll be playing with awesomely cool Riff Tiffs side project-run-wild Caddywhompus (who've released their two EPs as one collected digital download just called EPs, by the way; I've heard half of it and love it but still need to listen to the other half), the speaker-imploding, hoodie-wearing spectacle that is underground hip-hop supastar B L A C K I E, and the sweet sounds of the Urbane Guerilla Sound System, which is former Teenage Kicks guys John and Stewart spinning lots of Northern Soul, reggae, & old-school R&B stuff. (They were both enthusing about Sharon Jones the last time I talked with 'em, which makes them good people in my book.)

Seriously, this promises to be one awesomely cool show. In addition to things musical, Cody has warned/informed that the band will be silkscreening special limited-edition Mocs designs free onto any T-shirt you bring 'em, giving away copies of their extremely limited-edition tour posters, and selling cassette(!) copies of the excellent Microscopic Metronomes EP they released earlier this year (review up here, if you're curious), and they'll have Mango's all nicely decorated, I'm guessing kinda like they did for the sold-out EP release show at Walter's.

It's a measly $6, and the doors open at 8PM -- the show doesn't start 'til 9PM, but given how insane the crowd was when they did an all-out party like this back in January, it's a good bet the place will be filled to overflowing with hipsters & other lovers of good music. (Remember, as well, that this is their tour kickoff, so the band won't be playing these parts again 'til early July at the earliest.)

The Other Stuff: Well, not so much "stuff" as "thing," I guess... In addition to the Wild Mocs interview, hard-working writer Rafael Rivas managed to somehow talk his way into an interview with one of the guys from The All-American Rejects during their recent stop here in town.

I can't claim to know the band real well, myself (although I do like "It Ends Tonight", off 2005's Move Along, but that may be more because I first heard it in a commercial for Battlestar Galactica & thought it was really well-used), but I like Rafael's take on the band, even still. Check out the full interview here.

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