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Update: The Soldier Thread (Tonight!) + Paul Weller + Winter Wallace + The Fresh & Onlys + Obits + Late Saturday Shows(!) [5/02/2009 09:14:00 PM]:
Well, thanks to fucking Blogger fucking not fucking posting the damn posts it's supposed to, the past 24 hours or so were blown clean out of the water. Argh. I swear, things will be changing on that front, and hopefully soon...

At any rate, we got a bunch of new stuff up on the site this week, one of which is super-duper timely for this evening, because review-ees The Soldier Thread are probably about to go on stage up at Dean's Credit Clothing right damn now (assuming they haven't already, that is), opening for fellow Austinians Alpha Rev. If you get a chance to get on up to downtown tonight, stop by & check 'em out -- Shapes is an impressively cool piece of atmospheric, heartbroken indie-rock, all Eisley fairytale-ness and Jawbreaker bile and Denali cold/distance rolled up together. Scope the full review here.

Other good-good stuff, too, including a review David Cobb kindly wrote up of the show in SF he caught by Jam frontman Paul Weller -- just reading it makes me damn jealous, I swear; see here.

Then there's Thomas McLuhan's review of the face-off split CD by retro-electronicists Atarimatt & great unwashed luminaries, which is also very cool, a review yours truly threw up there of the abbreviated version of local bittersweet pop songstress Winter Wallace that somebody forced into my hands (thanks, Jacob!), newcomer Chris Galis's excellent review of nouveau psych-rockers The Fresh & Onlys, my own of the debut disc from Brooklyn supergroup Obits' (which includes ex-members of Drive Like Jehu & Edsel, making it intensely badass by association alone), "Metal" Scott Whitt's writeup of the new Mastodon, which I desperately need to get a copy of, and a fine, backwards-looking review of the reissue of H-town legends Culturcide's first(?) disc by "Non-Metal" Scott Petty. And a few more things I'm blanking on, besides...phew. Links to all following right about now: Live Reviews: Paul Weller

Reviews: The Soldier Thread; Atarimatt vs. great unwashed luminaries; Winter Wallace; The Fresh & Onlys; Obits; Mastodon; Cuturcide; Fair to Midland; & Zoe Scott.

And hey, since I pretty much blew the weekend stuff-to-see so far, here's a quick rundown of cool things going on tonight. There were more, but, well, some have already freaking finished, so there's not much point in that, right? Here's the list, quasi-ordered by potential coolness (in particular, Scale The Summit fucking rule, honest, Searching for Signal are damned impressive, and Room 101 kinda scares me):

Protest The Hero/Misery Signals/The Number Twelve Looks Like You/Scale The Summit/Before...There Was Rosalyn @ Javajazz Coffee House (16300 Kuykendahl)
afton: push play, featuring Meggs, A Bubble In The Sun, Await The Day, Low Plane Drifter, Searching for Signal, & Verbatim @ The Meridian
Come See My Dead Person/Darwin's Finches @ Rudyard's
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts/The Smithereens/Girl In A Coma @ The Showgrounds at Sam Houston Race Park
Sideshow Tramps/The Literary Greats @ Mango's
P.L.F./Black Congress/Dissent/50-50/Cop Warmth/Muhammid Ali @ T.M.M.C. Warehouse (2305 Lyons)
Project Dopamine/Zennith Fuzzbomb/Room 101 (7" release) @ Fitzgerald's
Kristine Mills (CD release) @ McGonigel's Mucky Duck
Inner Lights @ Bohemeo's
Chadd Thomas and the Crazy Kings/Almon Loos & The Hoop and Hollers/Danny B. Harvey @ The Continental Club

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