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Tonight: Audrye Sessions (Reviewed!) + Elaine Greer + Anvil + Live Reviews + More [5/28/2009 04:27:00 PM]:
Busy, busy, busy-ass Thursday night, so I wanted to post a bit about what all's going on. First things first: just got a few new things up on the site, like two surprisingly-timely live reviews by hardworking writers Quinn & Teri Sue, who ably covered the recent shows here in town by Nico Vega & Lucero, respectively. Check out the writeups here and here.

Beyond that, there's a nice little review from Daniel Y. of the self-titled full-length from Oakland's Audrye Sessions (full review here), who're playing tonight up at Walter's with fellow badasses Manchester Orchestra (who are excellent, and reportedly very nice guys, to boot), fun. (ex-The Format, apparently), & Winston Audio. The show's $11 to get in, and things'll start around 8PM...

I dunno what the crowd will be like, though, because tonight's also the official-shmofficial EP release party for Houston's much-beloved own Elaine Greer -- she's playing at Mango's with the ever-excellent News on the March, who get better each and every time I manage to catch them, and Austinites One Hundred Flowers, who I have yet to hear. The cover's $8, and that gets you a copy of new disc Making Plans and Going Places, and as I've probably said before, that scheme's the coolest damn idea I've seen 'round these parts. (And just ask the Wild Moccasins how many people came out when they did something similar a few months back.) Check out Ramon Medina's sweet interview w/Ms. Greer right over here at the Free Press (make sure you click the title link once you stop laughing).

Plus, later in the evening, there's a screening of you-think-it's-satire-but-it's-not documentary Anvil!: The Story of Anvil, all about long-suffering Canadian metal dudes Anvil, up in downtown at the Angelika Film Center (510 Texas). And yes, per the well-informed folk at 29-95.com, the guys from Anvil will themselves make an appearance after the 9:45PM screening, presumably to rock out with their, uh, stuff out.

Other Stuff: Let's see... Mando Saenz is finally back in town, playing up at The Continental Club tonight; check out David Cobb's cool writeup here. I haven't heard much since Watertown, I must admit, but I've been heartily impressed by everything I have heard; Saenz is definitely worth checking out, even if he's abandoned us Houston folk in favor of Nashville.

Then there's the Southern Backtones up at Brasil tonight, although I'm not sure if this is the full band or just frontman Hank Schyma doing a solo acoustic deal; apparently Craig Kinsey from the Sideshow Tramps is playing, as well. Carolyn Wonderland is down at Discovery Green around 6:30PM today (and can we please decree that "Disco Green" will be the place's official nickname? I freaking love that...). Darwin's Finches are at Super Happy Fun Land, along with Big Rocket & Maywood Park (not sure why The Cave Reverend are no longer on the bill, but it looks like that's the deal), and Witch Hunt is at The Rat's Nest (aka 2305 Lyons Ave.).

phew. If that's not enough to do on a normally-lame weeknight, I dunno what to tell you...

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