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The Rest of Yr Weekend: Detroit Cobras + listenlisten + Mr. Lif + Electric Attitude + More [5/30/2009 05:31:00 PM]:
Missed yesterday, unfortunately, other than the Ditchwater 7"/Zine Release Party, and seeing as I've spent most of today either working like a dog out in the yard or lazing around the neighborhood pool a block from our house, yeah, this one's going to have to be quick-fast, too. And believe me, there's a ton of stuff going on, particularly tonight: Sat., May 30:
The Detroit Cobras/Dexter Romweber Duo @ Rudyard's
Holy crap is this going to be cool. Of all the '50s/'60s garage-rock revivalists going this past decade or so, the Detroit Cobras have always felt like they were the truest to the whole thing, in part because they're playing songs that should have been classics in their time (okay, and some of which actually were, although you've never heard 'em this freaking gritty).

The Theater Fire/ listenlisten/Sew What/Robert Ellis @ Mango's
Yes, yes, yes. At this point, the only "wrong" thing listenlisten could do, in my book, would be to break up. I've got my fingers crossed that doesn't happen, because believe me, they're one of the coolest, most intriguing, most unique bands we've got right now. Bands like them don't come along every day. I'm loving what I've heard recently of Robert Ellis, too; the guy's making the singer/songwriter folkie thing seriously respectable again (finally). And those crazy Sew What folks, Rachel & Cory, are damned entertaining, to boot. (Keep an eye out for their full-length; soon, I think?)

Mr. Lif/Grieves/Willie Evans Jr./Nosaprise @ Warehouse Live
Gotta love Mr. Lif -- the guy's been rocking the political hip-hop for longer than most of the rappers out there today, and despite having Obama in the White House, he makes it clear right from "go" on I Heard It Today that he still doesn't trust The Man: "Oh, I see -- so, uh, we all supposed to just start trusting the government again 'cause we got a friendlier face to it now, huh? All them problems gonna be solved; everything's all good, right?" Nope.

Electric Attitude/Satin Hooks/Female Demand @ The Mink
Three bands I really need to stop giving such short shrift to, I swear. The minimal, bass-and-drums attack of Female Demand caught me totally off-guard recently up at Fitz, and I walked away mightily impressed; Electric Attitude had me reluctant at first but slowly won me over to their New Wave-meets-the Stones thing (have yet to hear the album they're reportedly releasing tonight, sadly); and Satin Hooks crank through some very cool indie-rock-ness and make me wish they'd put a damn album out.

King's X @ The Meridian
All I have to say about this one is that I'm glad to see these guys up & running again, together. And hey, now I can break out my story again about how Josh & I were ragging on a guy one night Back in the Day at Goat's Head Soup for ripping off Doug Pinnick's hairstyle...except that when he turned around to see who was snickering, it was Pinnick. Whoops...

Texas Crab Festival/Stingaree Music Festival, featuring The Magpies, Hayes Carll, Jesse Dayton, Sisters Morales, John Evans Band, Donnie Vondra, The Crawdaddies, Tropical Depression, & Butch Leger @ Crystal Beach (Bolivar Peninsula)
Saw the final lineup for this one a bit late & didn't update the calendar to include yesterday's installment (with Ray Wylie Hubbard), but today's lineup is still damn good. It's not too late to get on down to Bolivar & chill out on the beach while listening to some rootsy, countrified rock.

Come See My Dead Person @ Dan Electro's Guitar Bar
Folsom/Lionheart/Your Mistake/Grave Robbers/Killer Ape @ Fitzdown
Motion Turns It On @ Notsuoh
Sean Reefer and the Resin Valley Boys/Flametrick Subs @ The Continental Club
Downfall2012/Leaf/SOA/Harem Festival/Imagenes Ocultas @ Fitzgerald's
Somofo Festival II, featuring Driver F, P.D.A., A Loss for Words, Zlam Dunk, Leave Your Mark, Barely Blind, & The Blue Poptarts @ Javajazz Coffee House (16300 Kuykendahl)
Fired for Walking/Good Times Crisis Band/The Distracted @ Walter's on Washington
Cop Warmth @ The White Swan
Flying Fish Sailors @ The Ox Irish Pub (Katy; 9PM)
Glass Intrepid/The Southern Kill/My Own I/SoulBound @ Gary's Spot (Tomball)

Sun., May 31:
Dax Riggs/Michael Kingcaid @ Rudyard's
More on this one later, but in brief: holy fuck. I dunno Michael Kingcaid's (ex-What Made Milwaukee Famous) solo stuff, but I've got Dax Riggs' We Sing of Only Blood or Love, and it's jaw-droppingly awesome.

Joshua English (ex-Six Going on Seven)/Justin Blumenstock @ i.am.we. house (819 Land Grant Dr., Richmond; $5 donation, potluck dinner)
Another excellent one; Joshua English was cool enough to send along his CD, and I'm liking it more & more the more I listen. Keep an eye out for a review up in the next 24 hrs. or so...

I am Mesmer @ Mango's (free!)
This is Geoffrey from the Sideshow Tramps doing his solo thing, I believe; haven't heard it yet, but anything with a freaking singing saw in it is Badass by default. Seriously.

No Doubt/Paramore/The Sounds @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
For the record: the only reason this is on here is because of Paramore. Petty bastard that I am, few things would make me feel more schadenfreude than if Gwen Stefani had a throat-polyp recurrence and had to quit making music. (Sorry, The Sounds, but I dunno you.)

Mon., June 1:
Harptallica/A.W. Feldt @ Super Happy Fun Land
C'mon, you can figure this one out on your own: Metallica songs, but with harps. Hey, at least it beats the lame-sounding Metallica "tribute," Alcohollica, playing tonight at The Concert Pub.

Joshua English @ Mango's
Yep -- second show, same guy, still good stuff. For the Inner-Loopers among us who can't make the trek out to beauteous Richmond, TX...

Tues., June 2:
Western Giants/This Old House/sIngs/Framework/Cedar Boy Bailey @ The Mink (9PM; $5)
Well, I dunno the two headliners, but I'm intrigued by Framework (solo acoustic stuff from one of the Hollywood Black guys), and I've heard rave reviews of Cedar Boy Bailey (Sergio from Buxton doing some kinda odd bluesman thing). Worth checking out, I'd say.

Wheatfield (mem. of Trout Fishing In America) @ McGonigel's Mucky Duck
More on this one, too, but this is sort of a sneaky "surprise" show featuring members of Trout Fishing In America. Never a bad thing.

Testament/Unearth/Lazarus A.D. @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake)
Wow. Testament? Seriously? And with Unearth, no less -- this almost makes me want to drag my ass down to the Lake of Clarity...

Wed., June 3:
Windy & Carl/Golden Cities @ DiverseWorks
Nice, nice, nice. I'm a little lost when it comes to a lot of the more atmospheric stuff out there, but I've always liked what I've heard from Windy & Carl. And I know Golden Cities rule -- I think this is their tour kickoff, so catch 'em while you have the chance.

The Helio Sequence/Dri @ Rudyard's
Another clarification: "Dri" is apparently not revered skatepunks "D.R.I.", despite the capitalization I've seen in a few places. It's short for "Adrienne", per the band's Website, not "Dirty Rotten Imbeciles." Although it would be hilarious if a bunch of skatepunks showed up expecting to rock out.

Woven Bones/The Wiggins @ Mango's

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