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Achachay! Rocks (Er, Funks?) So You Can Drink [5/24/2009 12:09:00 AM]:
Okay, so I've gotten word that a band I don't know much about called Achachay! is playing Super Happy Fun Land this coming Monday, May 25th. Which wouldn't elicit more than a shrug from me, normally (folks, you have no idea how many damn press releases I/we get in a day; it's a little insane), but then there's the manifesto attached:

Houston, TX -- Funk Rock band Achachay! plays Super Happy Fun Land, TX on Monday, May 25th at 930PM. The Austin, TX trio is touring to promote their first studio-recorded EP and to stimulate discussion about national drinking laws.

After rocking a 1 hour show, Achachay! guitarist Jordan Myska Allen and drummer Ryan Greenblatt will hold an informal discussion, sharing their viewpoints on lowering the drinking age to 18, providing a reasonable way for states to accomplish this, and addressing counter arguments. They also encourage and provide a means for fans to get involved with Choose Responsibility, a non-profit created with the same purpose.

This campaign matches the unusual pair's musical philosophy to think outside the box and motivate people to act--be it by dancing to their music or signing a petition. Achachay! shows are energetic. Ryan's dance rhythms and Jordan's funk guitar complement lyrical topics that range from existential crises to absurd and imaginary rock people.

The May 29th show at Super Happy Fun Land is one of many on Achachay's national tour. With 18 dates in 10 different states, the band hopes to gain more fans for Achachay! music and raise awareness about a different possibility in American alcohol culture.

Wow. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the drinking age being lowered -- as a kid, I didn't ever drink, so it didn't bother me -- but basing an entire tour around it's an intriguing idea. I dunno that they're going to have a lot of trouble convincing their fans that they're right, given the crowd at SHFL on a typical night, but hey, preaching to the choir can help, too. Are they serious, though? I have no freaking idea, which almost makes it more entertaining.

Anyway, before Discussion Time begins, you can also check out openers The Manichean, who're interesting so far, the always excellent Gretchen Schmaltz, & Clory Martin, who I don't know. And Achachay!, of course. Come out, enjoy the music, then work on fulfilling the fondest dream of half the college-age kids in America.

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