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Update: The Gary/Jonx (Tonight!) + Many Birthdays (Tonight II!) + Ab Baars Trio (4/11!) + More [4/10/2009 03:09:00 PM]:
Got another pile of reviews up too-late last night, just in time for this sure-to-be-insane weekend. I'll be hanging with the fam this weekend, myself, but if you'll be out & about, well, you're in luck. First, we've got two reviews for two different badass-sounding shows tonight, The Gary & Many Birthdays...

The guys in The Gary (which includes Trey Pool, of Sad Like Crazy/Trompedo/Celindine fame) are playing up at Rudyard's this evening, doing a kind of late-'90s indie-rock thing with nicely melodic bass leading the charge, those monotone-ish, deep vocals you know you love, and some damn fine, understated guitar work. Full review up here, for those who care. They're playing alongside half-expats The Jonx, whom I also dearly love, love, love, and who don't play Houston all that often since Danny moved northwesterly. Don't miss the chance to see both bands, folks. (Jonxites: glad to hear the new album's progressing; looking forward to it...)

Of course, I don't mean to take away from the other good stuff going on, like the other "reviewed" show tonight. Many Birthdays will be exploring the recesses of the finally-open Super Happy Fun Land this eve, with their updated New Wave-y sound and occasional Japanese lyrics. (Check Thomas McLuhan's full review up here for more details...) They also happen to be sharing the stage w/some cool local folks, particularly Perseph One, who's fairly mind-blowing in her own right.

Hard-working writer/experimentalist Michelle Yom continues her coverage of the H-town "experimental music" scene this time 'round, too, with a nice profile of the Ab Baars Trio & Ken Vandermark, who'll be playing tomorrow (Sat., April 11th) over at Talento Bilingue de Houston in the East End. It's another Nameless Sound show, which makes it especially cool -- that NS gang has really been bringing in some high-flying, big-name people lately. Read Michelle's piece about it here, eh?

Other reviews up, as well, like one I've meant to post for a long freaking time of You Me & Iowa's left-field indie-pop/rock opus (no, seriously, it's "good" as in "Robert Pollard good"), David Cobb's review of Portlandites Caught In Motion, and another overdue one, my own review of the most recent (I hope?) Andre Williams album. Full list time:

Features: Amsterdamn Meets Chicago: Ab Baars Trio & Ken Vandermark in Houston

Reviews: The Gary; Many Birthdays; You Me & Iowa; Caught In Motion; Andre Williams & The New Orleans Hellhounds; Hail The Size; Old Ghost; & Teith.

More to come, as always...

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