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More for Tonight: Lisa's Sons + B L A C K I E + Balaclavas + Shack Up + Sedition + More [4/03/2009 04:34:00 PM]:
While I'll admit this weekend isn't as insanely jam-packed with show-going goodness as some in recent days, you're making a big ol' mistake if you dismiss it & decide it's DVD-renting time. We're talking quality here, folks, not quantity. I can't get it all listed right now, but here's some more of what's up tonight, Fri., April 3rd:

Grady/Two Hoots and a Holler/Molly and the Ringwalds @ The Continental Club
Already talked about this over here, but again: awesome. Seriously.

Lisa's Sons (tour kickoff)/Fucking Thief/Muhammid Ali/B L A C K I E/Limb/Fight Pretty/Balls Deep/Guitars (final Houston show!) @ Notsuoh
The other top contender for tonight, to my mind. If you haven't already seen B L A C K I E's mind/speaker-blowing destructo-hop performances yet, well, you're far behind & falling even farther; the guy's doing something nobody else around is, especially in this town -- his closest musical kin are probably folks like Dälek, Techno Animal, or maybe Curse ov Dialect. Plus, there's Lisa's Sons, which is one half By the End of Tonight & one half Marry Me (I think?), and is astoundingly entertaining in its guitar-less, irony-fueled electro-pop sound. It's their tour kickoff, officially, although I think they played Austin last night...

And then there's Muhammid Ali, who're very cool, punkish indie-rock, noisy but with some very cool melodies, and Limb, who's also ex-BTEOT but doing crazy rhythmic electronic stuff with laptops & samplers. I've never see Fucking Thief, but supposedly they're ex-BTEOT, too. Balls Deep is a sex-obsessed hip-hop act that I think includes (it did at one point, anyway) the famous/infamous Jacob Calle, the man behind Hurricane Bear, although he's told me he'll be doing stand-up comedy, so I'm not sure what's gonna be going on. And first of the night will be Guitars, who I'm really, really kicking myself for not catching more of at the Block Party because, well, two of the folks in the band (J.D. & Stacey, of Secret Saturday Shows fame) are leaving town for Alabama. The band's about to head out on tour, as well, and it sounds like when they get back, they're done. Damn. Anyway, as parting shots go, this should be a good one.

Future Blondes (last show?)/Balaclavas @ The Artery
I honestly don’t know what Future Blondes sound like, but this one’s supposedly their final show, too, and people I know’ve told me they’re pretty incredible in a very experimental way. Balaclavas, though, are awesome all on their own -- they’re probably the closest thing Houston has to Gang of Four right now, all angular guitars and jazzy bass and frantic drums. And goooood. I need to see/hear them more, dammit.

Shack Up! Dance Party & Art Show, featuring Brandon West, Patrick Sims, Ceeplus Bad Knives, GRRRL Parts, DJ Zen Zane, DJ Dayta, J. Calero, Mr. Castillo, & DJ Richard.Gear @ Avant Garden
Cool-sounding dance party/art show thing, the first of a planned series of monthly deals set up by local DJ/promoter Ceeplus Bad Knives. Art + booze + good music + the swanky Avant Garden patio == goodness.

Benefit Dance for Sedition Books, featuring Urbane Guerilla Sound System @ Sedition Books
I think Urbane Guerilla is the DJ arm of at least one of the now-ex-Teenage Kicks guys (John, I believe), and he'll be spinning all sorts of good shit for this "benefit dance" over for/at Sedition Books, H-town's one and only anarchist bookstore. And lord knows, every major city really should have at least one of those, so get out & support.

thelastplaceyoulook @ Gary's Spot (Tomball)
Alright, so I'm a little bitter towards these guys right now -- I won't go into the details right here, but thelastplaceyoulook ended up not playing the Block Party last Sat., which was a big-time disappointment for yours truly. I'm sure there were good reasons, though, so I'll forgive 'em; I still can't help but slap their badass new CD in the car stereo every day on the way to work...

More to come, y'all.

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