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Farewell to Javajazz, Hello to...Uh, Javajazz [4/24/2009 10:39:00 PM]:
I have to admit that my heart did a weird little skip-step when I saw the flyer: "Java Jazz Farewell Show". (I'm guessing I may've not been the only one, because I've since seen a much-modified version of the flyer for the same show...) I mean, what the hell are screamo/emo/hardcore kids from the northern 'burbs gonna do without Javajazz Coffee House around? Drive all the way in to Walter's every weekend? Nah, no way. Okay, maybe some of 'em, but not all of 'em, and definitely not every weekend, right?

As it turns out, though, I needn't have worried. Tomorrow night, Sat., April 25th, is the "last show," alright...at the club's current location. Yep, Javajazz is moving. But to where? Inner-loop H-town, maybe? The SW side? (Keep dreaming, you Spring/Sugar Land kids.)

Nope. Javajazz is moving, um, a little bit down the road, but still pretty much in the same neighborhood. Currently at 2502 FM 1960 East, after tomorrow they'll instead be located at 16300 Kuykendahl. We're talking about five miles or so away; hell, you could probably walk it. So don't fret, hardcore kids -- your home-away-from-home is safe & sound & still nearby. Yes, I kid, but I have a lot of respect for the place and the crowd it draws; I'm not sure any other club in town could reliably book hardcore acts like the JJ crew does and get the kids out every damn show.

And they get some good ones, that's for damn sure. A Wilhelm Scream played out there last time they came through, and Earth Crisis, Protest The Hero, Leftover Crack, & Haste The Day are all coming up in the next couple of months. Can't hate on shows like that.

Oh, and speaking of shows...remember that "Farewell Show" deal? Well, that's it over on the right, and it looks like it'll be pretty killer. For one thing, I really, truly dig The Last Starfighter (got to get a hold of more of their stuff than the cool "flower" CD I picked up at the FPH Block Party); they're probably one of the absolute top-flight screamo bands I've heard in this city, not to mention one that did not disappoint live.

Plus, it's a reunion/farewell-again show for The Kill Artist, who I think broke up a while back but are getting together for a one-off just for this occasion. Things start at 6PM, apparently, so get up to the northside early.

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