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A New Supergroup Cometh: Bolt (+ Benjamin Wesley + Muhammid Ali + We Landed On The Moon!), Friday [3/05/2009 08:44:00 PM]:
First we got local indie/punk supergroup Guitars, then the buzzy, trippy, extremely loose confederation calling itself Time Machine Veterans (any hope of an actual release, y'all?), and now we have brand-spankin'-new local crew Bolt, comprised of Jeoaf of The Monocles, Chad of Black Black Gold, Aaron of Pirate Bones, & Mike of American Sharks -- a veritable Who's Who of in-your-face, kick-you-in-the-head H-town rawk.

The music's raw and raggedy, with a boogie-heavy, almost '70s-rock groove to it that'd almost be ironic if the band didn't go after it with such reckless abandon. Hell, it sounds like it could've fallen off the Dazed and Confused soundtrack, and I mean that in a damn-good way. No real telling what they'll be like live, honestly, but hey, you'll have your first chance to find out tomorrow, Friday, March 6th, up at Walter's on Washington.

Bolt is headlining the show, but it's also a CD release party for Benjamin Wesley, über-bassist extraordinaire (see Basses Loaded) and awesomely intriguing multi-instrumentalist. Benjamin plays guitar and bass interchangeably over odd beds of electronics and drums & sings oblique-yet-catchy lyrics that flit past before you can grab 'em in a subtly rough, warm voice that brings to mind a less-sleepy Say Hi or a less-high-pitched John Darnielle. Put all together, and it's utterly captivating, I swear to God.

Then there's the relatively-new Muhammid Ali, who've got one cassette(!) under their belt so far, a split release with Black Congress, and two 7"s in the works besides (one a vinyl version of the tape w/BC and the other a new one with Animals and Children). And from what I've heard so far, they're pretty jaw-droppingly incredible.

Snarling, stomping indie-sludge-rock like you just can't find these days, copping plenty of Big Black, a bit of Pegboy, and even some (although this is probably wishful thinking on my part) Arcwelder-esque hum. If I had a time machine handy, I'd throw these guys in it and head back to '96 or so so they could get onto Touch & Go; the guitars whipsaw in and out just right, the vocals are desperate and frantic without getting all screamo, and the songs end right where they should. Sweet.

As for the final (er, first?) band on the bill, Baton Rougeites We Landed On The Moon!, they're a bit of a different kettle of fish -- no punkishness, no noise, no churning rawk here, just Jenny Lewis-esque sweet vocals, Britpop-y guitars and keys, and blazing, grand, aim-for-sky songs. There's a serious resemblance to fellow female-fronted popsters The Jealous Girlfriends, too, but that's no bad thing, believe me.

Look back over that lineup, if you will; four bands/musicians, all pretty fucking great. Damn -- it looks like I'm gonna miss Battlestar Galactica again, but at least this time it'll be 'cause I'm doing something better.

(Details time: $8, 8PM, free BBQ and free beer for the of-age crew. Get there.)

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