Peel, Die in June

Peel, Die in June

Die in June is Norwegian boy-band rockers Peel’s first release, and from the opening “Cutting Crew”-style keyboards, I knew this would be a chore. Honestly, I don’t even know if Peel is Buzz-radio-worthy. (Luckily, the mini-album is only four songs long.)

Everything is smooth and tightly wound, with very sanitary guitar riffs that scream “boy band,” especially in the song “Falling from Grace.” Incubus and Metallica are obviously influences, but Peel has managed to undermine that by developing really empty, shallow lyrics like, “What I am you can’t see through / What I’ve done, I can’t undo / and the end will come too soon / and all I love will die in June.” When I hear that, I’d swear I’ve heard it before somewhere. Maybe it’s just deja vu… Not to say that these boys don’t have talent — I just think they could use a lot of improvement in, well, everything.

Apparently the band calls their followers “peelgrims,” and radio play in Germany is thriving. Maybe this Norwegian band will take the U.S. by storm next. I really hope not, but if they do, I’ll be sure to run for cover.


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