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The Rundown, Pt. 1: A (Belated) Good Weekend... [2/14/2009 09:05:00 PM]:
I know, I know -- spent the last two days running around like a chicken with my head cut off, for reasons I'll hopefully enumerate soon in another post, and so I've been slacking big-time on writing up the good shit going on this weekend. And yeah, there's a ton of it (hell, that almost seems like a cliché, these days; the weekends where there aren't a half-dozen shows I'd like to see are few & far between, lately). Here goes...

Sat., February 14:
The McKenzies (CD release)/The Tontons/The Mathletes/Built By Snow @ Walter's on Washington ($10)
Yep, yep, and yep. If you're at all into the absolutely-crazy-good crew of young, wild, destined-for-greatness (if there's any justice at all, that is) pop-loving bands in this city, well, you're probably already here. If you're not, however, you're truly, truly missing out -- sadly, I have yet to hear The McKenzies' new CD, but I've seen them live a few times now and have been mightily impressed by their hard-charging, hook-laden indie-pop. Plus, there's also The Tontons, who marry psych to soul in ways I've never, ever heard before, The Mathletes, who honestly write some of the best pure, sweet, strange pop songs I've encountered. In terms of out-of-town talent, there's Built By Snow (who I keep wanting to call Built to Spill; sorry!), an Austin-based bunch who play good-hearted, catchy pop reminiscent of Say Hi or anything Dntel's involved in. My top pick of the night -- but hurry, 'cause I think the festivities started at 8PM. Oh, and grab a free copy of the McKenzies' new CD on your way in...

Heartless Bastards/Three Fantastic @ Last Concert Cafe
Almost missed this one entirely, which is sad, because I'm really enjoying what I've heard of the Heartless Bastards rough-edged, Pixies-gone-country thing; their latest, The Mountain, is pretty damn good, imho. And local(?) boys Three Fantastic make some truly freaky and unique pop. If you're not at #1, above, I'd aim for #2 -- 8PM, again, but get on over there, eh?

Dropdead/Hatred Surge/P.L.F./Rusted Shut/Dissent/Battle Rifle/N.I.B.I.R.U. @ T.M.M.C. Clubhouse (2305 Lyons; $5, 8PM)
If you like loud, raw shit, this is where you're already at, probably drunk off your ass and half-deaf. Awesome...

My Bloody Bunny Camp, featuring Fat Tony, You(Genious), Dee Rail, iPod Ammo, Young Squaddy, & Cornbreadd @ The Usual (5519 Allen St.)
The Boxing Lesson/The Calm Blue Sea @ Rudyard's

Sun., February 15:
Maggie Nicols/Fred Frith/Susan Alcorn @ DiverseWorks (8PM)
Yeah, I've already blathered about this one, so go here for the full deal -- or just take my word that it's gonna be extremely strange and interesting, at the very least...

Benefit for Diunna Greenleaf, featuring IJ Gosey and the Supremes, Faye Robinson, Texas Johnny Brown & the Quality Blues Band, Tha Lady D, Larry Guy, Annette Metoyer, Oscar O'Bear, Mene Gene Kelton, Diunna Greenleaf, & more @ The Big Easy
The best of good causes, seriously. A lot of musicians, even those that've been around a long time like Ms. Greenleaf, don't have medical insurance, and in our stupidly anti-"socialism" country, that can mean that one bad illness or surgery can break the bank. Help her out -- and hey, enjoy some of the best blues musicians in town while you're doing it.

Citizen Cope/Alice Smith @ House of Blues
Yeah, I'll admit it -- I'm recommending this one on the basis of one damn song, "Son's Gonna Rise," that I heard totally by accident somewhere. It's funky, cool, and desperate, all at the same time.

American Fangs/The Last Place You Look/Consider The Source @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake; free)
And for those willing to make a bit of a drive, there's this one, down in Clear Lake -- The Last Place You Look are pretty interesting, although I'm still making my mind up (just got their latest CD in today; no chance to listen yet...), and Consider The Source I dunno at all, but American Fangs...whoa. I've heard a couple of the songs off their new EP, and they're honestly fucking awesome -- ballsy, hard-but-not-metal, sneering rawk that blows my mind, like the Foo Fighters with an injection of nasty trucker meth ("Le Kick," in particular). I need to hear more of these guys, seriously.

Stay tuned for more...

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