Built By Snow, Mega

Built By Snow, Mega

Austin’s Built By Snow’s sophomore release Mega injects a quick dose of Atari-influenced nerd-pop. I get the feeling these kids spent more time in arcades than J.J. Cooney, but instead of Fear, their headphones were jammin’ to The Cars and Cheap Trick while in battles with the Bishop.

“Something in 3D” is an anthem that seems destined to blast from Geek Squad bugs everywhere. “All the Weird Kids Know” is a catchy rocker with a “stroke of Strokes” riffs. BBS hands reach into the Weezer cookie jar, as well. I found myself listening to “Implode Alright” over and over; it’s a heartfelt song that speaks of the truest form of love, a love only found in Mr. Do’s castle, no doubt, ——-V-V-VViva PacMan.

[Built By Snow is playing 2/14/09 at Walter's on Washington, along with The McKenzies, The Tontons, & The Mathletes.]
(Flying Tyrannosaurus Press -- 15301 Ora Lane, Pflugerville, TX. 78660; Built By Snow -- http://www.builtbysnow.com/)

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