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Much as I love this wee site/e-zine thing and tend to devote the bulk of my writing time (such as it is, these days) to it, heck, nobody can do the same damn thing over and over and over again forever, right? I’ve had a few quasi-successful stints writing for other publications, mostly scuttled because, um, I’m a lazy, half-assed bastard who likes to do stuff at his own pace (memo to aspiring writers: “real” publications tend to not like that so much), but these days I’m attempting to get into it more regularly.

The explanatory part out of the way, here’s my little bit of self-promotion: the “Recording” column in this month’s issue of 002 Magazine is by yours truly, a hopefully-entertaining little interview deal with local psych-soul-popsters The Tontons, who rightly deserve all the freakin’ press they can get. They manage to be genuinely cool folks and badass musicians, which is no mean feat.

Apologies to the band if I screwed anything up; I wish I could’ve used more of the interview itself, ’cause I had fun chatting with y’all out on The Mink’s back patio waaaay back when we did the interview, but y’know, space limitations and all. (I may be able to run the full thing here at some point, though; need to double-check on the kosher-ness of that, but cross yr fingers.)

Big, big thanks to homey Lance Walker for the hookup on the 002 thing, btw. If the Powers-That-Be over there like me (and it looks like they barely touched what I sent in, so I’m feeling hopeful on that front), there may well be more of these things coming down the pipe, so keep an eye out. In the meantime, pick up a copy of the issue, check it out, yadda, yadda — if you happen to be a non-Houston-metro-dweller, you can view it on the 002 site, too, so no worries there…

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