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At least, I will be tomorrow (Fri., January 30th), if all goes according to plan — not fumbling around on a guitar or anything, don’t worry, but just chatting and shooting the shit with the guys of “The Revelry Report” show up at KTRU (91.7FM, in case you live under a rock). Matthew of TRR, who’s also one of the geniuses behind the BandCamp thing and the Caroline Collective, was kind enough to invite me on, so from 6PM ’til, um, I have no idea (7PM?) I’ll be hanging out up at the KTRU studios.

Which is a little weird to think about, since I used to DJ there back in my misspent youth. It’s been a loooong time since then, though, and I’m already getting these freaky butterflies about my mumble-mouthed yammering being broadcast for the whole Houston metro area to hear. And no, I’ve got no clue what the heck we’ll be talking about — just planning to go with the flow. Tune in, laugh at my nervous ass, and possibly hear something quasi-informative and music-related. Maybe.

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