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The Rundown, Part 2: FPH Par-tay + Reprogram + Festival of Life + More (+ One More New Review!) [12/20/2008 05:04:00 PM]:
And here's Part 2 for the weekened, this time for tonight, Saturday, December 20th -- a bit late, I'm afraid, seeing as I believe some of these shows are already (d'oh!) going on, but ah, well...

Free Press Houston Annual Celebration of the Christ, featuring Satin Hooks, The Eastern Sea, Piano Vines, Ozeal, Chase Hamblin, Nick Greer, Female Demand, & Marry Me @ Avant Garden
The highlight of the night, for absolute sure, this is local mag Free Press Houston's annual celebration of the wintry festivities. This one's at the Avant Garden/Helios/whatever the hell they're calling it this week (did "Avant Garden" just never take off or something? I always preferred "The Mausoleum," personally...), and it kicks off at 8PM w/a measly $8 cover.

Which is fair money, really, because a ton of good folks are playing, honest. Satin Hooks are pretty great indie-rock, Piano Vines craft some gorgeous indie-folk/pop, I've heard good things about new additions Marry Me & Chase Hamblin, and Austin band (led by H-town expat Matt Hines) The Eastern Sea blew me the fuck away when I saw them last. Seriously: jaw-droppingly good. Really. Just thinking about that show has me considering trying to convince the wife to let me escape the house for a while this evening. They've also got an awesomely good new-ish EP out now that I'd recommend highly -- review up here!

Festival of Life, featuring Don Paul, Room 101, Kristi Rae, Gary Yokie and the Coalition Band, & John "The Truth" Beatty @ Gulf Coast Electronics Museum
This was pretty much a left-field one, and I'm sorry it's late-late-late notice, but it still looks to be cool, if you can make it out for the last part (it reportedly runs from 1-6PM). I dunno what/where the Gulf Coast Electronics Museum is (the address is 1112 Windbern), but the whole deal sounds intriguing, with musicians and what sounds like poets and spiritual-type speakers and whatnot. And plus, punk-noise project Room 101 is pretty incredible in recorded form, and I hear live he's mind-blowing. Not bad for $2...

Do It Anyway You Wanna: It's Reprogram Multimedia Annual Holiday Party, featuring Spain Colored Orange, The Factory Party, B L A C K I E, Richard Henry, Yppah, Jeffery Mac, Paramour, Damon Allen, J. Calero, Dan Castillo, & Ceeplus Bad Knives @ Bootleg Studios
'Tis the season for par-tays, I swear... This time it's the Reprogram crew's party over at Bootleg Studios (2301 Commerce at Bastrop), featuring almost every cool DJ you've ever heard of here in Houston and crazed grime-hopper B L A C K I E, indie-chamber-pop/salsa band Spain Colored Orange, and excellent thought-they-were-dead indie-rockers The Factory Party. Go for the bands, stay for the DJs.

Benefit Show for Jacob Blaylock, featuring Nine Volt, Lluvia Dreams, The Delta Block, Young Ras Tesfa, Kozmik Nine, DJ Wayniac, & more @ Notsuoh
I never met Jacob Blaylock, but he played in local band Nine Volt 'til his tragic death last December, the cause of which is apparently still a bit murky. His widow's set up this benefit show at Notsuoh to try to honor his memory, and that sounds like a pretty cool thing to me. Dunno any of the bands real well, but it should be interesting, eh?

A Very Jerry X-Mas KPFT Benefit, featuring Psychodillos, Hightailers, Plump, Guy Schwartz and the New Jack Hippies, Little Brother Project, Gary Sapone, Third Ear, Fahl & Folk, JuJu Eyeball, & Space Patrol @ Dan Electro's Guitar Bar
Okay, so most of the musicians aren't really my thing, but hey, if you like your bands jam-y, bluesy, and/or funky, love Jerry Garcia, or -- most crucially -- love local indie radio station KPFT, then Dan Electro's may be where you need to be. It's not cheap, at a $15 donation, but hey, if you like good radio, it's hard to find a more worthy cause than anti-corporate KPFT. (And it starts at 5PM, so you'd better run.)

Leofest 2, featuring Before...There Was Rosalyn, The Western Civilization, Robert Ellis, Floorbound, Benjamin Wesley, Ghosts of Rome, Under The City Lights, Sedna Eats The Ship, The Brace, Veloche, Yesterday Never Came, O Victori!, & Threnodic @ The Cherotel (Clute)
And, of course, for the non-Inner Loop (er, non-Beltway 8)-ers, there's an excellent-sounding festival going on today/tonight out in beautiful Clute, TX -- it's Leofest 2, although I have no clue what the "Leo" part is, and it's got a ton of bands playing for $7 at someplace called The Cherotel starting at, um, 2 hrs. ago (3PM -- sorry!). For me, of course, the draw's gotta be The Western Civilization, who I haven't seen live for far too long, but I've heard excellent things about both Benjamin Wesley & Robert Ellis, too. Get on out of the city if you can...

Come See My Dead Person/Two Star Symphony/Whorehound @ Rudyard's
Anti-Christ Mass XI, featuring Necrotic Void, Cerebral Rot, Adumus, Condemned, Ninth Kingdom, Insidious Decrepancy, Funeral Rites, To Scale The Throne, Golgotha, Demonical Genuflection, & Dismembered @ Walter's on Washington
The Mighty Orq/Skyblue72 @ Warehouse Live
King's X/Laidlaw/Jambi's Revenge @ The Meridian
Benefit for Hurricane Ike Victims in Baytown, featuring The Bayou Big Band, Mean Gene Kelton & The Die Hards, Sam Silva and the Good, & Cory Morrow @ Lee College Arena (Baytown; 1-9PM, $15-$20)

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