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The (Brief) Rundown: Tonight & Tomorrow [12/12/2008 07:05:00 PM]:
Got a company Christmas party to run to, but before I go I've got to mention a few of the damn cool-ass things going on this weekend. There's good, good stuff going on tonight & tomorrow night, in particular, like the Insidious Decrepancy/Funeral Rites show tonight (Friday, Dec. 12th) at midnight (ooooooh...) up at the ever-awesome River Oaks Theater. It's being set up in part by Rosa of Ditchwater Recs/Zine fame/infamy, along with the Sound Exchange crew, and it looks like it'll be darn good, esp. for those among you who like the music that makes you bleed (happily) from the ear-holes.

Also cool this evening is the epic-sounding The Secret Machines show up at Warehouse Live -- love the Denton spacerock writ large, yo, although I could care less about Perry Farrell, sorry -- and the Ice Cube show at The Meridian -- it's nice to see those years of playing in dumb-ass comedies haven't toned him down much.

More enticing, though, are the good local shows going on this evening (beyond the first one above, that is). Tonight Rudyard's has Pale, Southern Backtones, & Arthur Yoria, which is a bill that makes my head twitch uncontrollaby -- it's been too long since I've seen Yoria live, in particular. Then there's The Jonbenét, O Pioneers!!!, Brian's Johnson, This Year's Tiger, & City of Compton at Walter's, also a damn good bill. I was underwhelmed by the Jonbenet's sound at Numbers a while back, but I'm guessing big-and-boomy Walter's would fix any issues I had there; plus, I was impressed mightily the one time I've seen O Pioneers!!!, and people I trust tell me good, good things about This Year's Tiger.

Tomorrow night's equally huge, btw. There's the Sleeping In The Aviary show at Walter's, with locals Dizzy Pilot and the recently-MIA Hearts of Animals opening -- all good, honest. Oh, and there's also the show at The Mink, with The Watermarks, Paris Falls, & Austin boys The Boxing Lesson, and the Energizer Bunny-like duneTX is playing its annual free Xmas Freakout show tomorrow night (for free, naturally) over at The Big Top, wedged in that whole Mink/Tacos A-Go-Go/Sig's/Continental strip on Main St.

For the daylight-hours crew, there's a cool-sounding Secret Saturday Show with Lazy Horse, Darwin's Finches, & somebody called Bottom Four (no idea) at The Shady Tavern in the afternoon, as always. (Hey...weren't the SSS folks moving to Alabama or something?) Also for the daytimers, The Secret Machines will be playing an acoustic set at Cactus at 2:30PM, last I heard. And if you're up for a drive, there's also a good show down at The Scout Bar in Clear Lake -- outer-loopers Come See My Dead Person are headlining, and they're playing with Sideshow Tramps & Spain Colored Orange, so all the hipsters need to hop in their cars, eh?

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