Help Give The Tontons a Merry Christmas

Damn — can’t believe I missed this one. From Craig Hlavaty over at Rocks Off: it seems local soul-psych heroes The Tontons have started up a ChipIn account to receive donations from kind souls like you, me, & your parents. The money collected will go towards a really worthy cause, namely replacing the pile of gear guitarist Adam Martinez had stolen from his car early this month, which incidentally derailed the band’s recording sessions for their much-anticipated full-length. (I’m assuming, btw, that this means the gear hasn’t magically turned up on the doorstep…)

So, there you go, ladies & gents — feel the need to help out somebody in need this holiday season? If so, I’d heartily suggest throwing some cash these kids’ way. Bands in this city have enough working against ’em to have to deal w/shit like getting their stuff stolen and/or dreams crushed. Don’t leave ’em with coal in their collective stocking.

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