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The Rundown, Part 2: The Gary + Bright Men + Impossible Shapes + Program [11/22/2008 05:38:00 PM]:
Yeah, I know Part 1 wasn't technically Part 1, but yesterday's post about The Suspects, Latch Key Kids, Crystal Method, etc., was pretty much a Rundown-type deal, so eh...

Tonight continues the run of Really Cool Shit going on, happily, with the biggie (for me, at least) being a last-minute-ish show with Austin band The Gary, who're playing up at Rudyard's with local boys Bright Men of Learning. Now, I love the BMOL on their own, obviously, but the show's made even cooler by the fact that The Gary happens to be the new side-project band of Trey Pool, expat Houstonian and frontman of many, many awesome H-town bands past & present, including Celindine, Trompedo, and the rejuvenated Sad Like Crazy.

Trey doesn't sing on The Gary's songs, as far as I can tell, so this isn't "Trompedo Mk. II" or anything (okay, so maybe SLC is that, anyway...), but the music's cool in its own right. From what I've heard, it's fairly low-key, droney, kind of melancholy indie-rock stuff, reminiscent at times of Silkworm -- Trey apparently provides guitar heroics as "Jazz Crutch," and yes, the guy's quite a talented guitarist, even though he'd probably laugh at that assertion himself.

And then, again, there's the Bright Men, who're deserving of all the love you can give 'em. They rock, albeit gently, in a country-tinged sort of way that always makes me think of Pavement covering classic Uncle Tupelo -- slacker yallternative, if you need an easy handle to grab onto. And good. Did I mention that? (And no, I swear I'm not just saying that because the awesome, in-the-can interview I did with 'em a loooong while ago has languished, un-transcribed, on the tape recorder. ([face reddening]) Oh, and rumor has it that Skyline Network's ADR will be providing the between-set music, I think as DJ UnderWarranty, although I could be confusing the name w/some other scenester DJ...

Option Numero Dos is simultaneously also close to home and from further afield. Indiana's psych-prog geniuses The Impossible Shapes, who our pal Marc interviewed on this here site a few years back, will be playing tonight at The Mink (or The Backroom -- I'm afraid I can't really figure out if the two are separate or the same damn place), and they're way cool folks. I haven't heard their latest,

Now, per the Shapes' Myspace page, the band'll actually be playing as three separate "projects," with Chris Barth's Normanoak starting the bunch, followed by Wee Giant, and then by the combined crew as The Impossible Shapes. There's no sign of this on the flyer, though, as you can see (sorry -- I couldn't find one for The Gary/BMOL), just a note that excellent local popsters Program, who've been awful quiet in recent days, will be the openers. I truly dig the heck out of Program's two releases so far, and anybody who enjoys the poppier end of the spectrum should definitely check 'em out.


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