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Notsuoh Shutting Down? Again? Maybe? [11/14/2008 12:52:00 AM]:
Man...again? Damn. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised -- the place has led a seemingly precarious existence in all its forms, at least since I've lived in this city -- but it still makes me sad to hear that much-loved downtown haunt Notsuoh may be headed under once again.

This time, unfortunately, it really sounds like it could be for good if it happens; owner Jim Pirtle just can't handle the financial burden of owning/running a big-ass chunk of downtown real estate -- and I can't say I blame him -- so he's looking to finally sell the place. Here's his current take on the future of the bar/coffee house/whatever, from the MySpace blog:

It makes you want to vommit

I don't really want to write this blog.....it will be depressing for many of you....but my heart and soul is for sale....I am asking 2.8 million dollars....and you can own property downtown....I thought that this was such an outrageous price that no one would even call....I'm wrong someone called and i gave this investment banker a tour this morning....he will get back to me next friday with an offer...he already has his financing....his assisstant was some hot French woman in spiked heels...I kept expecting her to fall as we went to the roof....trip on an extension cord get caught on a Lone Star bottle...I gave an honest sales pitch....yes the 2nd floor can be an events room for weddings and corporate parties....oh yeah a rooftop bar with live music ...yeah that's a nice idea but that hotel over there is bitchy...blah blah 3rd electric elevator blah blah Sakowitz building in 1919 blah blah electrical grid and water capacity are in place for development...yeah I'll remove the trash....yeah your right it is like Soho buildings in new york....in an inverse fashion as he and frenchie got more excited I got more depressed...I had ketchup stains on a white shirt and holes in my blue shorts....he had on a $400 suit and and some high priced call girl with a notepad..."hey I'll take $50,000 off the price if I can have 15 minutes with your assisstant".....maybe it was the french woman carefully examining all the vagina art got me frisky

all i want to do is pay my bills but i feel a responsibility to my daughter ...to care for her future...I care about my community but owning a bar and a building is beyond the pale in bullshit....but I'll continue to be just getting by or a very rich man by next week....if you know me at all this is a very nasty decision...I love this building and no one but me would have gotten how cool it was and stuck to keeping it painfully authentic....if i leave 314 Main a part of this cities soul and international cool will vanish and I promise you it makes me want to vommit

Can't fault a guy for needing to provide for his fam, but damn... Downtown Houston without Notsuoh's going to suck. The Houston Press has followed up w/Pirtle, and it sounds like the offer's still only that, but things can move fast in this city. Any kind art-minded soul out there got $2.8 million they can spare?

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