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This Weekend, Part 3: The Small(-er) Stuff Still Rocks [10/10/2008 09:24:00 PM]:
Okay, so now I feel a little bad for the hoopla over the "big" stuff going on this weekend, because it's seriously overshadowing some truly deserving "little" stuff. Some of which is, uh, almost certainly going on as I type this...sorry 'bout that (I'm on Solo Dad duty tonight, so y'know). Anyway, without further ado:

Fri., October 10:
Orents Stirner/Alkari/Hearts of Animals @ Rudyard's
This is a good, good, good one. Not only do you get Hearts of Animals, which does some truly strange-yet-beautiful electronified indie-pop, but you also get one of the best flat-out rock bands in town with Alkari -- they do some nice, smart (but not over-brainy) indie-ish rock that I honestly have a hard time categorizing. And the best thing about this show, of course, is that hey, it's Rudz, which means it probably hasn't even started yet. Run for the cars, kids; you won't regret it.

Sideshow Tramps/Buxton/Molly and the Ringwalds @ The Continental Club
Another excellent choice, particularly because of Buxton, who're one of the coolest, most nuanced, most unique bands in this city at the moment -- seriously, these guys sound like nobody else, and the mournful countrified rock they play fucking rocks.

Cat Power/Appaloosa/DJ FREDster (aftershow) @ Warehouse Live
What can I say? I'm a Chan Marshall fan, despite not being at tonight's show; I'm gonna catch it one of these days, dammit. Not really a whole lot more to say, esp. since if you're wanting to check out this show, you've probably already had tickets for a few months now...

Good Night Goddess/The Goods @ Fitzdown
Not a clue on Good Night Goddess, but I dig the Goods quite a bit; they're talented as hell, effortlessly kicking out the jams in an almost grunge-y way, which is good news to these ears.

Laurie Anderson @ Cullen Theatre
Yeah, I'm betting I've missed the boat on this one, but what the hell; Ms. Anderson deserves serious respect for being one of very, very few honest-to-whatever artists to come out of the early '80s and still be valid enough today to be playing, hell, a big-ass theater in downtown.

Sat., October 11:
Dertybird/mr. Gnome/Violence of the Sun @ Rudyard's
Holy fuck, are mr. Gnome good. I mean, they're really, really good, like "worth missing the end of the Westfest" good. Really. This Midwestern duo plays like a full band, thrashing out this crazy stuff that comes off like Sarah MacLachlan fronting a post-hardcore band; it's damn loud, complicated as hell, and alteranately sweet and raw. Last time they were at Rudz, they played to a pretty empty house; this time, they deserve a big, big, big crowd. Do it, y'all.

WestFest After Party, featuring The Flaming Hellcats, Wasted, Andrew Lee, & The Psychedelic Sex Panther @ 2222 Morgan (8PM, $5)
Nice. I seriously need to see the Hellcats again -- I don't think I've seen 'em in like six years now, and that's sad. And a Black Flag cover band (Wasted) is just gravy on top of a steaming pile of fiery vatobilly.

Citizen Cope @ Verizon Wireless Theater
I'll admit to near-complete ignorance of this guy, but really, I could care less if he's consistently good and whatnot. "Son's Gonna Rise" makes him well worth checking out, no matter what.

500 Megatons of Boogie/Wicked Poseur/data versus data @ The Mink
Sadly, I have yet to check these folks out myself, but I've heard really good things about all these bands and have been meaning to catch 'em all. G'wan, beat me to it.

Sun., October 12:
Presidents of the United States of America/The Black & White Years @ House of Blues
She's lump; she's in my head. Yeah, yeah -- a flash in the pan, maybe, but one of the better ones of the era...

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