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Not completely sure this is still around, but it was in existence at least up to 2004, so I’m leaving it here for now. The Undiscovered Country‘s this dark, kinda morbid lit/music-zine, run by two guys named L. B. Noire and S. R. Prozak, is a pretty bizarre experience. Includes stuff like “Stoner Adventures,” reviews of all kinds of death-metal (and heavier) bands, strange poetry, and ruminations on the end of the world. Note, by the way, that at least one of the editors (L. B. Noire, I believe), moved up to Austin a while – I’m told S. R. Prozak got sick of L.A. already and has moved back to similarly-smog-clad Houston.

Zine writeup by . Zine writeup posted Wednesday, October 29th, 2008. Filed under Zines.

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