Ditch Water

Ditch Water

1846 Richmond
Houston, TX. 77098
“rosa.foto” at “yahoo dot com”

Man, I love this one. Not much in the way of words, it’s true — Ditch Water the first-ever photo zine I’ve seen in this city, and in an age of all-electronic-ness it’s a breath of freakin’ old-school fresh air. See, this is a real photo zine, with all of local photog/scene queen Rosa Guerrero’s revealing scene, band, and general random people photos lovingly copied (printed?) onto each page. Admittedly, the format makes it a little difficult to see some of the details of the photos, but even still, it’s a fascinating “read,” especially for somebody like me who doesn’t get to meet fellow scene folks in person all that often.

The Ditch Water empire’s small right now, but it’s growing — Rosa’s already started a companion record label to the ‘zine. She’s got two issues out so far, and both are super-duper limited edition (50 copies, I think, of issue #2?). Definitely pick ’em up at Sound Exchange if you can…

Zine writeup by . Zine writeup posted Sunday, October 26th, 2008. Filed under Zines.

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