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Jana Hunter Show Shifted + More Shows Cancelled/Moved + Things Could Definitely Be Worse (Updated 9/24) [9/17/2008 01:13:00 PM]:
UPDATE 9/24: Damn. Even more bad news, unfortunately -- got some more to add to the list. sigh. I also found out that the On Your Feet kids down in Alvin had to cancel all their shows (some of which I missed taking off the shows list) and that Anderson Fair has been w/o electricity for the past week & has had to cancel all its shows. Supposedly they'll be up & running for 9/25. Again, most recent stuff is in italics...

UPDATE 9/19: And the (non-)hits just keep coming. More shows cancelled, sadly, although one cancellation's turned into a reschedulation(?), thankfully -- the Eagles of Death Metal show that was supposed to be on 9/14 at The Meridian will now be on 11/25. At least they haven't forsaken us completely, unlike some; thanks, y'all. And did I seriously miss Band of Annuals again due to Hurricane Ike Madness this last week? Fuck, fuck, fuck... Oh, and as before, the most recent stuff is in italics.

Slight change of plans... Due to that asshole-ish airmass called Ike, tonight's (i.e., Wed., September 17th) cool-sounding Jana Hunter/Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez/Wicked Poseur show up at DiverseWorks has been cancelled...kinda.

In fact, the show apparently will go on, just at a different location. Latest reports say that Jana & Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez (no Wicked Poseur, sorry) will both be playing tonight at 7PM at someplace called "Petrol Station" up in the Heights (985 Wakefield). Per the Hands Up board, it'll be donation-only to help the musicians get gas to drive on to their next show, so help 'em out if you can.

On top of this re-scheduling/moving, apparently some more shows in town have been cancelled and/or modified this week; here're the ones I know about (there's also a nice post/thread about it on The Skyline Network, here):

All Week:
All Continental Club shows this week are pending the club getting the power back on (they now have power; yay!)

Wed., September 17th:
Finch/Scary Kids Scaring Kids/Tickle Me Pink/Our Last Night @ The Meridian (cancelled)
Guy Clark/Nanci Griffith @ Verizon Wireless Theater (cancelled)

Thurs., September 18th:
Paul Baribeau/Good Luck/O Pioneers!!! @ The Mink (rescheduled to 9/19 @ The I Heart U Space, 7397 Ashcroft)
These Are Powers/When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth/Super Pancho Combo @ Rudyard's (cancelled)
Necrofaith/Blind Sanctity/Sol 34/Broken/Metavenge @ The Meridian (already rescheduled from last weekend, now rescheduled to 10/17)
Silver Jews/James Jackson Toth @ Walter's on Washington (moved from The Orange Show & now at 6PM, before The Queers)
Cellcyst/Synikal/Counsel/Ethreal @ Warehouse Live (cancelled)

Fri., September 19th:
Nightwish/Sonata Arctica @ The Meridian (cancelled)
Houston Symphony's Music of Mozart @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion (cancelled)
Morningside Drive/Ooh Sleeper!/Otenki/Eldridge/Great American Actors @ Fitzgerald's (rescheduled to 10/18)
The New Year/Weather/Transona Five @ Rudyard's (cancelled)
Pioneers of Hiphop Concert, featuring Whodini, Slick Rick, MC Lyte, Kurtis Blow, & Sugar Hill Gang @ Arena Theatre (postponed 'til who-knows-when)

Sat., September 20:
Lo-Fi No-Brow Folk Show, featuring The Wiggins, Hearts of Animals, & Benjamin Wesley @ ArtStorm (4828 Caroline; 7-10PM) (rescheduled to 9/27)
Santana/Salvador Santana Band @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion (cancelled)
Guitars & Saxes @ Verizon Wireless Theater (cancelled)
Houston Metal Fest, featuring Pinhed, Nhuvasarim, Cerebral Down, Epic, Surrealism, Blind Sanctity, Green Shoe Polish, Cerebral Rot, Ninth Kingdom, Lamb To The Slaughter, 28th St., Anguish In Exile, Chaos With A Smile, Krank Shaft, Rated E The Band, Vehement, Dismembered, The Forbidden Vista, Virus, What Lies Beneath, Bloodvoid, Brutally Mutilated, Burn The Sky, FleshHook, Bludstreem, Lycophile, Temple Of Wrath, Last Rosary, Cain Was Able, Insidious Decrepancy, DeadTrip, Predominant Mortification, In The Trench, Obsidian Throne, Paegan, BloodRequiem, Burn The Wicked, & more @ The Meridian (postponed/reworked; now "Ike Fest," w/some of the previously-scheduled metal bands (maybe), Subversa, & Dyslexic Crown)
Fondue Monks/Her Majesty's Sweatbox @ Dan Electro's Guitar Bar (cancelled)
Obituary/Unleashed @ The Scout Bar (Clear Lake) (cancelled)
Secret Saturday Show @ The Shady Tavern (cancelled)

Sun., September 21:
3 Doors Down/Hinder/Finger Eleven @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion (postponed 'til who-knows-when)
Robert Cray/Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights @ Warehouse Live (cancelled)
Houston Blues Society International Blues Challenge Region Finals @ Dan Electro's Guitar Bar (cancelled)

Tues., September 23:
Nelly/Avery Storm/DJ Cipher @ Warehouse Live (cancelled)

Fri., September 26:
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss/T-Bone Burnett @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion (cancelled)

Sat., September 27:
Joe's Roadhouse, featuring Alan Haynes & Jud Johnson Band @ Dan Electro's Guitar Bar (3-6PM) (cancelled)

Tues., September 30:
The Ghost Storys/The Fuct/Campfire Stories @ Alvin Bowling Center (Alvin) (cancelled)

Fri., October 17:
Brad Paisley/Jewel/Chuck Wicks/Julianne Hough @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion (cancelled; yeah, it's a ways off, but apparently there was pretty major damage to the CWMP)

Tues., October 28:
The Midnight Ghost Train/Campfire Stories @ Alvin Bowling Center (Alvin) (maybe rescheduled/moved up to H-town)

By the way, I just have to say that while not having power & water & having to work like a dog for three days to clean up the mess has been a pain in the ass (we're still electricity/phone-less, sadly; going on 5 days, now...), it could've been a hell of a lot worse for most of us Houstonians. There've been some scary parts, sure, but I've been happily surprised by how cool everybody I've run into has been. Everywhere I've turned, neighbors have been helping one another, people have been offering whatever they can give, and folks have been relatively (given the circumstances) courteous & friendly to one another. I've seen a couple of heated shouting matches in gas lines, but that's been about it. Houston's done pretty well, I think.

My heart just breaks to see pictures of the damage down in Galveston & on Bolivar -- all those homes, all those lives, wiped out in less than a day. I hope to God we don't see what happened after the Thailand tsunami happen here, with bodies washing up on the Gulf Coast beaches months from now. Next to the devastation down there, missing a show up here means absolutely zero.

So while I'm sad to see all the shows that have been cancelled in recent days (I was so totally wrapped up in that whole "survival" thing that I didn't even click to The Sword playing on Monday night 'til after it was over), I know full well that it can't compare to what people are going through all over the Gulf region right now. These bands will be back, I pretty much guarantee it, and if missing a show is the worst problem you have this week, count yourself among the extremely fortunate. Hope everybody's safe & relatively sound, y'all...

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